Celebrity Big Brother: A Riley T.D. Perspective for 2/20/2018


Hi everyone~! What do you think I am going to say? Yep, We Got Robbed again!! Where did they get these “D” listers, and who hired them? This was a pathetic waste of my time to watch someone volunteer to go, again…it must be in the contract they don’t get paid if they just get up and leave, well Julie Chen, they both said they wanted to leave, Kiesha and Meta. Meta with only 5 days left.
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Celebrity Big Brother: Opinions, Odds, and Predictions for Feb. 19, 2018


Happy Presidents Day everybody!!! The one and only Omarosa has won an endurance HOH !! Would you have guessed that? I wouldn’t have. Sure maybe James could have won it if he had to, but she still had to last that long. Ross is the target, but after yesterday I think if the vote was right this minute Brandi would be going. Pretty much anything is possible tonight with the veto still yet to be played plus the twist that will go with it of course. As always there is plenty to talk about. These are my thoughts:

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Celebrity Big Brother: A Riley T.D. Perspective


Hi everyone~! What a weekend the celebrities have had…Shannon is gone, voted out and that is a bit sad as she was over the top wanting to play the game, unfortunately she played too hard, too fast and met her demise. I was so bored with Friday’s show, I fell asleep right before the eviction, and now that Omarosa wont the HOH, well, you guys got a reprieve from me as if you can’t say much of anything good about someone, don’t say much at all, so I’m leaving it just about there, I never have, since her stint on The Bachelor, never cared to watch her on screen, didn’t change thru all her ‘wanna be jobs’ so I just ignored her this weekend, lucky you.

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