Big Brother 20: Opinions, Odds, and Predictions


by MattD

Hello once again everybody!! Big Brother 20 is well under way now, and according to Julie Chen it’ll be 99 days. So once again we’re in for a long, long, longgg season. Production hasn’t let up with the silly twists, and as a result there’s a chance that after having 5 competitions this week, none of them will mean anything. As always there’s plenty to talk about, so let’s get to it. These are my thoughts:

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Big Brother 20 Recap: July 4th 2018


It may be the 4th of July but Big Brother takes a break for no one, so let’s dig in like it’s a lukewarm platter of potato salad: runny, a little sour and ultimately troublesome for your stomach. With only the Power of Veto left to shake up the game, time is running out for Sam and Steve to change up their destinies before the first eviction of the season.

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