Big Brother Canada 6 interview: Kaela Grant on jury vote, game moves, interest in returning


Kaela Grant was a dominant force to be reckoned with throughout the second half of Big Brother Canada 6 — she and Derek won a ton of competitions, she made big moves, and she in turn controlled many votes. However, what she was not able to do was convince a jury of her fellow players to want to vote for her at the end of the game.

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Big Brother Canada: Opinions, Odds, and the Final Prediction


By Mattd

Hello once again everybody!!! Ya ready for the season to wrap up? Well we’re finally here, finally going to finish off the season. Our final three of course are Kaela, Derek, and Paras. Who will win? who will be the odd person left out in 3rd place? First I’ll grade my own fan experience, then a final comment about evicted houseguests, then I’ll break down the final 3.

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