Big Brother 21: Week 9 eviction nominations decided by Holly and America’s Prankster


In her second stint as Head of Household, Holly Allen is not having as easy a time as she’d like. We’ve been watching the #BB21 live feeds and have all the juicy details of the various discussions about the nominations and the final decision as to the two houseguests who will be in the firing line on August 29. Keep reading for spoilers about the Week 9 eviction nominations.

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Big Brother 21: Another eviction shakes the house loyalties


Michie has done everything in his power to send home his big target, Christie. He won the H.O.H. and put her up, and then won the veto competition and kept her there alongside Sis. Now he’s feeling confident. He thinks Christie is going home for sure. Even Tommy, who’d love to have her stick around, knows she has an uphill battle if she wants to stay in the game.

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Big Brother 21: Opinions, Odds, and Predictions For Aug. 22/2019


Hello once again everyone!  Although from a time standpoint the halfway point of the season was some time ago, this is actually the halfway point of the game itself as there will be eight people left tonight out of the sixteen that started the game. The house did indeed flip last night and it looks like Analyse will be going home. It’s Day 65 in the Big Brother house and we have over a month to go. These are my thoughts:

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