Big Brother 21: Opinions, Odds, and Predictions For September 12, 2019


Hello again everybody!!  Less than two weeks to go in our lovely little 21st season of Big Brother! We had our double eviction. Christie finally bit the dust, now we get to see if Tommie joins her, or if everyone’s favorite-Holly gets the honors. As always there’s plenty to discuss, let’s get to it.

The second half of the game could be worse: Andy from BB15  made the point on twitter that the second half of this game is actually better than last year. I don’t know that I’d go that far, but the way the game has gone hasn’t been bad. There’s no dominant player, the  power shifts back and forth, from week to week you really don’t what to expect. Furthermore, they didn’t do a second “battle back”. Imagine of they did do one with the first four jury members, and Jack ends up winning it. That seriously could have happened. And finally the only person that’s universally liked -Nicole- is still in there, and now she’s winning comps. Overall this season has been bad, and nothing will change that, but this has been kinda nice.
Odds: I’ll be shocked if Holly ends up being the champion, even if she stays, but other than her, anything’s possible. I can only guess what effect if any the jury will take into consideration if Cliff makes the final 2, after being evicted once. In American Big Brother we’re in unchartered waters with that. 
Odds(If Holly gets evicted)
Cliff 5-2
Nicole 5-2
Jackson 7-2
Tommy 3-1
Holly (no odds)
Odds (if Tommy gets evicted)
Jackson 2-1
Cliff 3-1
Nicole 3-1
Holly 6-1
Tommy (no odds)
Cliff  5-2/3-1: The thing with him is he’s playing an excellent social game. What annoys many of the live-feeders is when he does a lot of the things he does, you know there’s an ulterior motive even when the person he’s talking to doesn’t. He’s really getting the “hero-edit” as well, so I’m guessing he’ll win America’s Favorite Player” as well. Give him credit though, he’s playing this game awfully well. 
Nicole 5-2/3-1: I never really took the idea that she could win all that seriously until the last week. I was just hoping she could last as long as possible. Now…who knows? I *think* the right move is for her to follow through and vote out Holly. I think Jackson would have to win out to make it to the end if that happens. I don’t think Tommy evicts her if it’s between her and Cliff. At the time I didn’t think she made the right call in going after Christie instead of Jackson, because of how much better he is at comps than Christie, but it’s aged well in spite of Jackson’s HOH win. I don’t think we’ve had a F5 backdoor like this since Karen went home on Nakomis’ HOH way back in BB5, with someone’s partner/best friend going home on their HOH in the F5.
Jackson 7-2/2-1: I think he’s way more popular with the jury house than he is anywhere else to be honest. I really liked his chances after the double eviction. The best thing could have happened for him was to win nothing , and still be safe. As for this week, the worst thing that could happen is him winning HOH and Holly still being the one to go. If this happens I believe he has to win out. He’s capable of it, but I think it’s what he would have to do.
Tommy 3-1/x: If he stays he could still wiggle his way to the finals. I don’t think he’d screw Nicole/Cliff over to keep Jackson, because I don’t think Jackson would take him to the finals especially now with the cat out of the bag about him knowing Christie. I think he’ll evict Jackson if he can, if he stays. I know a lot of crazy things got said last night and everything, and if Jackson wins the F4 POV, he’ll promise him the moon the following week, but I don’t think he keeps him.
Holly x/6-1: It’s kind of painful to watch her and Jackson in the HOH room for the last month or whatever it’s been. As a fan I hope she gets evicted.
Predictions: My gut feeling is it’s going to happen, Holly gets evicted 2-0. Nicole wins HOH, Jackson wins POV, Cliff gets evicted. 
That’s all for now!!  Have a great week!! (Follow me on twitter @MattD34)


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