Big Brother 21: The vote-flip gets the green light it needs


Operation Evict Holly is still in the works on “Big Brother 21,” and on Monday, Nicole Anthony heard exactly what she needed to hear.

Well, kind of. After Nicole used the Veto on Cliff Hogg III and Jackson Michie was forced to renom Holly Allen, Jackson heavily implied to Nicole that he was cool if Holly left. Let’s back up for a second here for some context. Jolly have been having a lot of lovers’ spats lately and they had another one early Monday night in bed. They’re all stupid and never go anywhere. This one was about “The Challenge” (really) because Cliff had brought it up and Jackson said he would love to go on (and honestly, he’d be really great on it). This did not sit well with Holly because she was worried Jackson would sleep with other women on the show (honey, I’ve got news for you: Your showmance is over on Sept. 25).

So after some long hemming and hawing from Holly, they ended up fighting in bed over this — as Jackson correctly pointed out, the hypothetical situation of him going on a TV show that has never contacted him — and Holly brought up her dating PTSD and how all of her exes have cheated on her. She called Jackson a “f—in’ a——” again, which he didn’t take kindly to, told him “f— you” and that he’s “condescending.” I mean, look, Jackson can be all those things and he’s definitely condescending when he talks to Holly sometimes, but like he said, it’s not his fault her exes have cheated on her. They sort of made up by Monday afternoon, with Holly asking him to be on her side this week, but it’s obvious the honeymoon is over.

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And so during a hammock sesh with Nicole on Monday, Jackson let her know he is his own person with his own game. “I don’t want say anything and make it seem like I’m campaigning against Holly, you know what I mean?” he gingerly opened. “But at the same time, I came here as an individual — to win. So it’s, like, while I don’t want to sit there and say why I would be better to be in final three or final two than her, it’s like, at the end of the day, the reason why I came here was for my family and for myself. You know?”

Nicole: “Oh, yes.”

What a loaded “Oh, yes.” Unlike Jessica Milagros, Nicole definitely picked up what Jackson was putting down. She quickly relayed it to Cliff, telling him that Jackson might want them to boot Holly. Cliff said he’s been picking up on that as well and this could be Jackson’s way of getting rid of Holly without any blood on his hands.

This is the opening that NiCliff need, and the best part is that it’s clear Jackson probably won’t be bitter if they broke their deal and evicted Holly (all three of them talked about how they won’t be bitter jurors; Jackson said he won’t be bitter now that Christie Murphy‘s gone). For all of his faults, Jackson is a gamer and competitor, and he would respect a smart game move. Also, right now, Holly is probably his low on his list of favorite things in the house (watermelons are No. 1, of course).

Meanwhile, Tommy Bracco came up with a deal he hopes Cliff won’t refuse: If he stays, he’s offering to throw the next HOH to Nicole and Cliff to ensure one of them in the final three, and he would then go for Veto to evict Jackson. He was planning to pitch to Cliff on Wednesday, and will still do so formally, but he dropped it on him Monday night.

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“I’m going to do an official campaign on Wednesday night, but if you guys did decide to keep me, I’d be gunning for the Veto and we would be on the same page as far as who the target would be,” he told NiCliff.

“There is something very attractive about the three of us at the end of this game,” Cliff said. “”Obviously Michie is a huge threat. He would be hard to beat by any of us.”

“I give you my word that I would take the shot at him if I win the Veto,” Tommy promised.

Cliff was still undecided when they all went to bed, but he’s been leaning towards keeping Tommy now. “I don’t know if I’m going to send Holly home or if I’m going to send Tommy home. Tommy has offered a hell of a deal, and I do worry about taking a showmance further,” he told live feeders later. “Tommy is a dangerous competitor, but he is a free agent. Going into a final three with Nicole, Tommy and myself, that may work. … If we send Holly home, Nicole and I are the only duo left in this game. Amazing. It has been a long journey.”

So it’s not looking good for Holly, and neither she nor Jackson knows it yet (though maybe Jackson sort of suspects something). There’s still two days to go, though, so plenty of time for things to change and for her to find out.


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