Big Brother 21: Opinions, Odds, and Predictions For 8/15/2019


By Matt Dowen

Well hello once again everybody!!  We had what looks to be at this point a disappointing and frustrating week. There was more excitement in the wee hours of this morning then there was the entire week. It flipped and then it didn’t, and right now as it stands most everyone would agree that Kat will be the one joining Jack in the jury house. Nine will be left after tonight, and as always there is plenty to discuss. These are my thoughts:

The Twist was bad and good all at once I guess. Well I don’t know that it was bad, the week just didn’t work out the way we hoped it might. Christie got put on the block of course, but got taken off when Tommy won POV so in the end it didn’t matter. But again the thing is, in my opinion the worst twist is when an evicted person gets to come back in the game(an eviction getting cancelled is the same thing). The second worst twist is when somebody gets on the nomination block by someone other than the HOH. They let America vote on this so unsurprisingly the extra nominee was someone most of us don’t like. But again I don’t want the game decided that way. I was hoping Nicole or someone would win HOH, so we wouldn’t have to worry about it. So for me anyway the twist was *good* because although I would have liked to see Christie out of the house, it ended up having no impact on the game. Let one of the other houseguests evict Christie.
Still no double eviction announcement: If we don’t hear an announcement tonight, I think we’re just having one double eviction this season. Which would mean just the one “Battle Back” that Cliff won. I like the double evictions, but again I don’t like people getting multiple chances. Last year we had just one of each, but don’t forget Kaitlyn was going to get a second chance if she had put together that simple puzzle. The schedule is set up for there to be one double eviction if there’s no more battle backs. 
Odds: For much of the game the Six Shooters were in control and dominating, didn’t even lose anyone on Cliff’s HOH week. Then of course they imploded and then Jessica won HOH, and then things were looking pretty good for the outsiders. Now after this past week, I can’t really rule anyone out. It was a great week for Tommy and Christie, but I can’t say that they’re dominating or anything. I really don’t even know how many people are even going to try to win HOH tonight, as I understand it most everyone wants Jackson and Holly out, but no one really wants to be the one to do it.
Tommy 6-1
Nick 6-1
Nicole 6-1
Christine 7-1
Cliff 8-1 
Jackson 8-1
Holly 9-1
Jessica 9-1
Analyse 12-1
Kat 25-1
Tommy 6-1: He had the week that he needed to have. I think Christine is a bigger target than him right now, and I think if they made the finals together he would win. 
Nick 6-1: I don’t know how long he’s going to be able to keep doing what he’s doing, but right now he’s fine playing the way he is. He’s told the camera that he’s throwing tonight’s HOH, and I would guess he’ll follow through with that. Not only does almost anyone have a chance to win the game, but just about anyone might be the next one evicted. That being said I think Nick with where he’s at is the least likely to be evicted next. Hopefully this jinxes him.
Nicole 6-1: I feel like if she can hang in there and make it a few more weeks, she can win some comps late in the game to give herself a chance. She did manage to stay off the block while Tommy was HOH, that was huge. Just take it a week at a time.
Christine 7-1: Whoosh. There was some value in her figuring out America hates her anyway. I really wish she was more likeable, but let’s face it, she pretty much gets her way every week.
Cliff 8-1: I don’t what kind of an effect last night is going to have on his game. No idea what the fallout will be. One obvious thing worth noting is when you put together a six person alliance when there’s only going to be nine left, well that’s the whole house minus three people. Essentially the whole house would have just picked on Jackson, Holly, and Jess. I don’t know what happens from here for him.
Jackson 8-1: The key for him is someone besides Holly has to want to work with him. If I *had* to guess who was going next week, I’d probably select Jackson, but there’s so much else going on with so many others it’s hard to say.
Holly 9-1: That sounded like quite a fight with Analyse last night. That should get her some air time anyways.
Jessica 9-1: Well she’s not just there to collect her stipend, that’s for sure. I’m still not sure if I’ve pieced everything together regarding last night, but she found out she wasn’t in the new six person alliance, then went out of her way to pretty much blow up everyone’s game.  One thing you can for this season is it hasn’t been predictable.
Analyse 12-1: She really hasn’t done anything noteworthy in this game to this point. I want to see the fight with Holly.
Kat 25-1: I kinda hope it hits the fan again today and she stays somehow. She was a worthy houseguest. Sometimes she said more than you wished she would, but as far as entertainment we got our money’s worth out of her.
Predictions: With all the drama, at this point it wouldn’t surprise me if the vote ended up being unanimous . Tonight I’ll guess there will be some kind of knockout HOH comp, it would be a good time for it anyway.
That’s it for now!! Enjoy the show!!
MattD (@MattD34 on twitter)

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