Big Brother 21: Everything You Need to Know About ‘Big Brother’ Season 21


Although summer *technically* begins on the day of the Summer Solstice, I mark the start of the season with a different major event: the premiere of Big Brother. The CBS reality show is truly the highlight of the warmer months, and nothing brings me more joy than blasting the A/C in my apartment while I watch a bunch of humans try to cohabitate.

It might sound a little creepy to watch regular people live their lives in a house filled with cameras-because it is-but boy oh boy, is it addicting. This show has everything: competitions, alliances, romance, backstabbing, epic speeches, and so much more. Sound interesting? Here’s everything you need to know about the upcoming season:

How Does the Game Work?

My BB superfans, you already know this show like the back of your hand, so feel free to skip this section. But for those of you who are new to the BB universe, the show can be hella confusing at first, so let me give you a rundown.

The game usually starts with about 16 houseguests, who all live in the BB house for the summer. They have no phones, no internet, no contact with the outside world, and they’re filmed 24/7. They compete in weekly challenges, and whoever wins becomes Head of Household (HOH) and gets to nominate two people to sit on “the block”, meaning they’re up for elimination.

The two nominees, along with a few other houseguests, compete in a veto competition, and whoever wins the veto can choose to either save themselves or take someone off the block. If a nominee is taken off the block, the HOH must replace them. The houseguests then vote who to evict out of the house.

Once there are 11 players left, the evicted houseguests start going to the jury house, where they stay until finale night. The jury votes for the winner of Big Brother, who receives $500,000.

Who’s Going to Be in the Cast?

There have been a ton of rumors flying around lately as to who will join the BB21 cast. Although you can always expect plenty of newbies, there are whispers of returning veterans (people who have played BB before) and possibly even a cast full of showmances (couples who got together while on the show).

Brent Wolgamott, a Big Brother expert who covers the show for Rob Has a Podcast, revealed some major info about the cast. According to his source, who has “never been wrong before”, there will be eight returning players this season.

He also insinuated that Swaleigh (Swaggy and Bayleigh, a showmance from BB20) and Tangela (Tyler and Angela, another BB20 showmance) would both return. Fans did NOT respond positively to the rumor, and another BB expert, Alex Kidwell, claims that because of the angry reaction, CBS dropped that plan altogether.

So it’s still TBD on who will live in the BB house this summer, but the official cast will announced on Monday, June 17.

When Does ‘Big Brother’ Air?

Strap in, ’cause it’s going to be a busy summer. Season 21 of Big Brother kicks off with a two-night premiere on Tuesday, June 25 and Wednesday, June 26 at 8 p.m. ET on CBS. After that, it will air three nights a week. Plus, there’s the 24/7 live feeds, which you can pay extra for to watch. The winner will most likely be crowned in mid-September.

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