Big Brother 21 Promo Teaser Arrives


We’re fast on the path to this summer’s Big Brother 21 arrival and you know it’s getting closer when CBS drops their first promo teaser with absolutely nothing useful and yet it’s all the same exciting.

There are no faces to be found or hints at twists revealed so be wary of deep readings into what you’re about to see here in all of its ten seconds of glory. We’ve got the voiceover telling us to get ready for a house full of total strangers which would be exciting if it meant an all-new cast for BB21 but typically at this stage the press machine is running blind so I’ll just keep my fingers crossed.

Last summer we didn’t get the official CBS announcement for the Big Brother start date until the second half of May which means we could be closing in on that big announcement for the 2019 Big Brother season! After that, we can expect the confirmation that semi-finalists have been selected as the cast starts to come together.

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