When Is Big Brother Returning to CBS for Season 21? Here’s What We Know so Far


At the end of a long day, sometimes the best way to feel like you’re living your best life is with some comfy PJs, a glass of wine, and gratuitous reality television. In our series “Not-So-Guilty Pleasures,” we remove the “guilt” and break down the latest happenings in your favorite TV indulgences.

  • 20 seasons in, Big Brother is known as one of CBS’s longest-running reality competition shows.
  • Each summer, a group of houseguests—led by host Julie Chen Moonves—compete in a series of physical and mental challenges for the chance of earning $500,000.
  • But has CBS renewed Big Brother for season 21, and if so, when will it return? Here’s what you need to know.

Aside from warmer days and new playlists, the arrival of the summer months means it’s nearly time for another season of Big Brother! And while CBS has yet to make a formal season 21 announcement, longtime host Julie Chen Moonves has reportedly said she’s on board to return, giving us all the reason to anxiously await a new batch of episodes. Plus, CBS News subtly confirmed the show’s renewal.

o why do we love the show? There’s nothing quite like Big Brother, which each season corrals a group of nearly 20 strangers to live in a house for three consecutive months. They’re completely shut-off from the outside world and compete against each other in a series of mental and physical challenges that ultimately earn one winner the grand $500,000 prize. Oh, and did we mention their every move is recorded both for the TV show—it airs three nights a week—and 24/7 live camera feeds?

The show makes for a summer full of manipulation, “showmances,” tense moments, twists, and secrets. And as a BB super-fan, this writer absolutely loves all of it. For other fanatics out there, we’ve found as many details as we can about season 21—from the possible premiere date to what to the new cast.

When does season 21 of Big Brother air?

As of now, a premiere date hasn’t been announced—nor has CBS released an official season 21 statement. That said, CBS News confirmed the show’s renewal. Considering the show airs every summer, the first episode will likely premiere at the end of June. Taking history into account, season 20 began on June 27, season 19 on June 28, and season 18 on June 22.

Will Julie Chen Moonves return as host?

Chen Moonves has hosted the reality competition show since its inaugural season in 2000, but since her husband Les Moonves was ousted in 2018 as CBS’s CEO due to sexual assault allegations, things have gotten murky.

That said, she’s likely coming back. In January, Chen Moonves—who has staunchly supported her husband following the allegations—returned to host Celebrity Big Brother, the summer show’s spinoff. According to Deadline, she’s told colleagues she wants to stay on the show, and her contract reportedly extends to the upcoming season.

How can I watch and stream Big Brother?

With its signature three episodes a week, you can easily tune in to your local CBS channel. If you’d prefer to watch it online, sign up for the network’s streaming service CBS All Access, which offers a monthly $5.99 or $9.99 plan with an initial free trial available. You can also directly log on to your personal cable provider’s streaming service.

Don’t have cable? Try Hulu Live TV, which also offers free trials.

How can I watch the Big Brother live feeds?

The one thing that separates Big Brother from all other reality shows is that we’re treated to 24/7 live feeds of all the goings-on of the houseguests. Yes, you’re free to creep on each cast member’s every move—except during select moments, like the events and ceremonies for the signature “Power of Veto” competition.

To catch these live feeds, sign up through CBS All Access. An expert hack? There are a slew of popular Twitter accounts dedicated to keeping fans updated throughout the day on real-time cast conversations and dramatics.

We’ve taken the time to list our favorites below, but warning: don’t follow these users if you’re hoping to stay away from spoilers.

  1. @JokersBBUpdates
  2. @BB_Updates
  3. @Hamsterwatch
  4. @bigbroaccess
  5. @bigbrothernet

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