Big Brother 21: Just Drives Me Over The Edge


With Big Brother 21 bearing down on us I have been doing a little thinking, I mean a very little thinking, because that is about all the subject deserves at this point.

I mean don’t you just want to scream at Julie Chen when she wants to be known as Julie Chen Moonves? I mean really, where does Chenbot get off expecting to recuit us to the aid of her leacherous old husband. No Julie I don’t think so!

Who won bb20


Kaycee Clark won Big Brother 20. I bet you didn’t remember and had to think about it for a second. We all remember who was runner-up. Of course it was Tyler Crispen and Angela Rummans the picture perfect couple that were going to hook up and make picture perfect little babies. I wonder if they are still together? Nah, I don’t even care enough to Google them.

Two Generations and Counting

The’s right, Big Brother has been around for two generations. George Boswell is now is now probably in an old folks home suffering from Alzheimer’s and Dick Donato is likely stuck in a time warp preaching his b.s. to the newest generation tuning into watching Big Brother 21.

That leaves me, I’ve been around Big Brother since season one an I have just about had enough, notice I said “just about”. That pretty much sums me up, almost out but Big Brother keeps dragging me back in!

Please enjoy the following Big Brother promo.

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