Big Brother 21 rumors: Summer 2019 cast on the horizon


Big Brother 21 rumors can’t come early enough. The summer 2019 cast should be playing the game in roughly two months, kicking off a new season of the reality competition show.

Big Brother 21 rumors should be more defined as the calendar works its way to late June. The expectation is that the summer 2019 season should begin at that time. It would follow a similar format to what recent seasons of the show have done on CBS. It could also mean that there are fewer than two months until the BB21 cast is announced.

When is Big Brother 21 season premiere?

Wednesday, June 26 is a good date to project for the Big Brother 21 season premiere. It is the final Wednesday in June 2019, allowing for a two-day premiere on CBS. The producers could always decide to shake things up, but this would make a lot of sense for summer television.

When will BB21 cast be revealed by CBS?

The BB20 cast was revealed on Monday, June 18, 2018. The BB20 season premiere then took place on Wednesday, June 27. Using that schedule of events, fans might be able to expect that CBS reveals the BB21 cast on Monday, June 17, 2019. That’s really soon, so it’s definitely close enough to start getting excited about the possibilities of the next installment.

BB21 applications are closed

The online applications for the summer 2019 season have been closed. This likely means that the producers and casting director are fully into the process of working out who will be a part of the BB21 cast. It doesn’t mean that any announcements are pending, but that they likely have a large group of candidates to work from.

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