Big Brother 20: Live Feed Updates for July 7


2:05 AM PT , Kaitlyn saying you are embaressing me so loud, everyone leaves HOH room to watch Faysal and Kaityln in kitchen. -silverspoons

2:03 AM PT Scottie tells Swaggy that JC told him to trust Tyler. -silverspoons

1:58 AM PT Swaggy swears on his dad’s grave that he trusts Scottie, that Tyler must have leaked that he said Kaitlyn was on the bottom of his alliance. -silverspoons

1:57 AM PT Scottie talking to Swaggy. Swaggy feeling sketched out. Heard someone doesn’t want him to play veto. Swaggy not sure he can trust Tyler. -silverspoons

1:55 AM PT Haleigh says she thought Kaycee would be a good game player but hasn’t. Haleigh says Kaycee hasn’t aligned herself right. -silverspoons

1:54 AM PT Bayleigh Haleigh Rockstar in HOH talking about who should make it to jury. -silverspoons

1:53 AM PT Kaitlyn tells Faysal to leave her alone as she snuggles up on him in a ball. She jokes she will not let him in her HOH. -silverspoons

1:49 AM PT Kaitlyn is laying of Faysal and keeps saying he is embaressing her. -silverspoons

1:47 AM PT Kaitlyn snuggles up to Faysal in the lounge. Swaggy leaves. Kaitlyn says she wants to go to sleep. Faysal says she should sneak down. She says I’m tired. Faysal says you napped all day. -silverspoons

1:46 AM PT Haleigh and Rockstar head up to sleep in HOH room. -silverspoons

1:37 AM PT Rachel says it is always hard to be judged everyday as a performer and wondering if someone is better. Sam says compare it to a buyer and sellers market. In the old days it was a stars market but today it is a producers market because of YouTube, endlessSupply of stars to choose from. Sam says just be the best you. -silverspoons

1:33 AM PT Sam says BB is all mental. It is a trippy thing. -silverspoons

1:32 AM PT Sam says she is trying hard to remember days, stories, comps. Rachel says she isn’t good at memory stuff. -silverspoons

1:29 AM PT Sam says put me in a room with millionaires or a room with a maximum security prisoners and she will always be the same person. -silverspoons

1:28 AM PT Rachel and Sam talking in bathroom. Sam says she has lived a lot of ways, meet a lot of people but a part of her will be the same as she was as a child. -silverspoons

1:26 AM PT Brett says when Kaitlyn nominated Winston she used the he is a doctor theory. -silverspoons

1:23 AM PT Winston says he if he is in the block on Thursday he is going off on everyone. -silverspoons

1:22 AM PT Brett asks if he should talk to Haleigh. Winston says to wait. -silverspoons

1:16 AM PT Winston says listening to the other side is like listening to high school. -silverspoons

1:15 AM PT Winston telling Brett that Bayleigh thinks he is coming after her. He told Bayleigh he was not coming after her. He has no power. -silverspoons

1:10 AM PT Rockstar starts talking about a loud speaker announcement about things they should not say. Feeds cut. -silverspoons

1:09 AM PT Faysal Haleigh and Rockstar say if the veto is used Kaitlyn will put one of the other 4 up -silverspoons

1:07 AM PT Faysal asking Bayleigh what the capacity is on a standard aircraft. She changes subject , doesn’t answer. -silverspoons

1:06 AM PT Bayleigh doing a headstand in the lounge. -silverspoons

1:05 AM PT Faysal and Haleigh in lounge playing with Jenna blocks. Haleigh calling him rude. Faysal making excuses -silverspoons

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