Big Brother 20: Live Feed Updates For July 6


2:01 AM PT Tyler and Rachel are brushing their teeth, she asks “we good”? Tyler nods his head, smiles and gives her the thumbs up. -starlet

1:51 AM PT Tyler left the HOH. Rockstar went into the HOH. We get to see nothing in the HOH. -Dolffie

1:44 AM PT 1:24am Quick flash of HOH, which we haven’t seen at all for a few hours, of Kaitlyn saying to Tyler “Five of us til the end” feed switch -Dolffie

1:39 AM PT Bayleigh and Swaggy want their name to be Swayleigh. With a heart at the end for extra umph. -Dolffie

1:24 AM PT Haleigh and Rockstar agree that Tyler scares them. -Dolffie

1:18 AM PT BB: Please stop. (Unclear who that was directed toward, as no one on feeds was doing anything notable.) -Dolffie

1:18 AM PT Faysal tells Swaggy and Bayleigh he doesn’t know why they (the other side?) is so happy. One of them is going on the block -MaddyP

12:39 AM PT Angie is crying again and Faysal is cuddling her -ChillTownChick

12:39 AM PT JC says he will be trending the week because he’s gonna shave his head -ChillTownChick

12:38 AM PT Chris and Bayleigh head up to HOH -ChillTownChick

12:30 AM PT BB: Put on your microphone! -ChillTownChick

12:23 AM PT Rachel was trying to get everyone to stop talking so the lights go off and as she counts down BB calls her to the DR -ChillTownChick

12:22 AM PT JC thinks there are blind spots in the house and changes fully naked, right in front of a camera -ChillTownChick

12:11 AM PT Sam and JC talking about who voted for her just in towels -ChillTownChick

12:10 AM PT Faysal tells Bayleigh and Swaggy in order to keep Haleigh and Kaitlyn on their side, Brett needs to go soon -MaddyP

12:07 AM PT Bayleigh tells Faysal and Swaggy Tyler has to go -MaddyP

11:45 PM PT Swaggy tells Bayleigh he thinks Rockstar flipped -MaddyP

11:36 PM PT Angela and Rachel complaining about steve’s snoring -MaddyP

11:22 PM PT Kaitlyn walks up to HOH and big brother switches feeds -MaddyP

11:20 PM PT Angie, Bay, Hayleigh, Tyler and Scottie in HOH talking about the vote flip and whether the power (Tyler said Brett had a steal a vote power) was used or someone was flipped. Swaggy thinks someone flipped -MaddyP

11:09 PM PT Rachel explaining the votes to Sam. Sam says why was it so close. Because I was a robot or Steve was so good? -silverspoons

11:08 PM PT Button Boy FINALLY!!!! cuts back to HoH. Bayleigh-Tyler-Rockstar on bed. Haleigh-Kaitlyn in towels, one bathed the other showered. Rockstar saying she was happy when Brett and Winston “scratched in HoH comp. Feeds cut to Lounge. -chiefsalsa

10:59 PM PT Angela says to Scottie I’m sorry Steve went home. I know it was hard for you. Scottie: yeah. Angela: that’s the game. we’re all here for you and love you -MaddyP

10:56 PM PT Scottie tells Tyler he wants to know who the rat is. Tyler says his theory is it had to do with the power. Scottie: I heard you had a conversation with them (Swaggy?) about it -MaddyP

10:48 PM PT Team Swaggy in HoH: Brett probably had the power. Winston and Brett were so excited after eviction vote. -chiefsalsa

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