Big Brother Canada: Recap For Wednesday, April 18


Big Brother Canada: Recap For Wednesday, April 18

Last Monday on Big Brother Canada we saw Derek win his first HOH, Kaela was delighted that her man won and could keep them safe for another week.
Derek then went on to nominate Johnny and Ryan for eviction. Both Derek and Kaela would be happy if either left the house.

Johnny is the main target because going forward in the game he will win more completions and be harder to beat.

With Ryan, they have wanted out since week 2 and he has escaped the block many times and last week he was saved with Canada’s Save and he has also won a few competitions.

They also know/believe both of them would be targets if Johnny or Ryan won power.

Power of Veto competition

Players Derek, Ryan, Johnny, Maddy, Paras, Olivia

Host Alejandra

Called Under Fire

This competition will be played in rounds.

1st Round

With a sling shot all players have to launch a single beanbag at a target on the floor.

The player to get their shot closet to the center will be ranked 1st and will move on to the final round. The lower your rank the most round you will compete in.

Ranking after Round 1

1 Johnny – Automatically moves on to the final round
2 Maddy
3 Ryan
4 Derek
5/6 Olivia and Paras

2nd stage players have to knock down targets with a sling shot and balls

2nd round

Paras Vs. Olivia
Olivia wins Paras is eliminated

3rd round

Derek Vs. Olivia
Derek wins Olivia is eliminated

4th Round

Ryan Vs. Derek
Derek wins Ryan is eliminated

5th Round

Derek Vs Maddy
Maddy does very well but she let’s Derek win as she wants the nominations to stay the same. She doesn’t need or want to win.

Derek wins Maddy is eliminated.

6th Round

Derek Vs. Johnny
They go neck and neck but Derek get Johnny’s last target and wins the Power of Veto.

Derek is very happy he won the Veto because he didn’t want to make a replacement nomination. Derek and Kaela are sitting in between 2 alliances and having to make a replacement nomination would mess that up moving forward in the game.

Johnny makes a pitch to Olivia and Alejandra to keep in the game. He let them know they may be working with Derek and Kaela but Derek and Kaela have also made a deal with Will, Maddy and Paras. That side has more numbers moving forward.

HOH house party

Derek invited Kaela, Alejandra and Johnny to play Jenga.

Olivia is a have-not so not being invited to play Jenga really upsets her.

Ryan advises Kaela not to use the Veto because he believes he has the votes to stay this week. Johnny is the bigger target so Ryan feels very confident.

Johnny asks Derek to use the Veto on him and tries to make a deal with Derek and Kaela moving forward.

Johnny promises to protect them moving forward.

Power of Veto Ceremony

Derek decides NOT to use the Power of Veto.

Tune in Thursday night at 8PM to see who will be evicted from the Big Brother Canada house, Ryan or Johnny.

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