Big Brother Canada: Live Feed Updates for April 18


5:36 PM ET Feed 3/4 Will & Paras in the catacomb. Feed 1/2 outside area has Liv/Ali.

5:28 PM ET Maddy & Will in white room. Talking about who they should keep in the game. Will said he trusts Derek but not Kaela as much. They are discussing if someone was hoh and who would be on the block. Maddy said Wiill, Paras and herself would control… –

the game. Will asks about voting out Johnny and Maddy said she is 95% sure on voting Johnny out. Will talks about a triple eviction this week. Maddy thinks the triple will be this week. Will says he hopes sending Johnny home is a good move. Maddy talks about who to put up in the triple. Will says again he trust Derek but not Kaela. Kaela thinks she is good with the 3 of us, and she definitely is in good with Liv/Ali.

Will is folding laundry as he talks with Maddy. Maddy says that Johnny wants to work with Kaela. Will says Johnny won’t want to work with Kaela, that Johnny is probably just saying that. Maddy says the only way Johnny stays that will be good for them, is if Johnny goes after Daela. Will whispers, Johnny won’t go after us. Maddy says she knows. Will says, between you and me, Johnny will go after Daela.

Will says if they keep Johnny, they will be going behind Daela’s back. Will says don’t let this out of this room, Liv/Ali want Johnny to stay. And no one in this house knows this, so if it gets out, this is were trust comes in. Maddy says she talked to Daela today, and Daela thinks Liv/Ali will keep Johnny. Maddy said Daela alreadys knows that Liv/Ali want Johnny to stay so they are putting more pressure on Maddy. Maddy says she can lie to them, but she would need big backup. That they would be f*cking pissed.

Will said Johnny swore he would not go after Will, Maddy or Paras if he stays. Maddy said she believes Johnny. Maddy says she is going to have to ask Johnny some candid questions. Maddy says she wishes both the duo’s can be broken. (Daela & Liv/Ali) in this triple. Will says with Johnny staying it would be possible. Maddy says Johnny has done her dirty a couple of times, and Will says, ya like me.

Will says they have 3 now and with Johnny that’s 4. And he knows Johnny will stay with them. Maddy says, and you know what, he will go home before us. Maddy says the only two who can beat Ryan in the final two is me and you. Will says ya. Maddy says Will will be the good game and she will be the dirty game. Will says if Kaela was gone, Derek would go with them.

Maddy says she is going to talk to either Paras or Johnny, whoever she see first. She leaves the room.

3:32 PM ET Kaela and Ali were in the hoh room. Kaela asks Ali if everyone was campaigning. Ali said ya. Kaela said Ryan and Johnny have not talked to her. Ali said that she is sure they will at some point. Ali leaves and Derek comes in. Derek says 2 more sleeps..and he would go from the most powerful man in the house and back to being a peasant. Kaela says, no you won’t be because you will have your queen. Kaela laughs. Kaela said if they could go back to back, (winning Hoh) all the way to the end, it would be insane. Derek said it would be possible. Kaela says highly unlikely. Derek says highly likely because there has never be Derek and Kaela in this game before. Probably likely because there hasn’t been other showmances like them before.

Derek says Ali/Liv have not talked about their votes to him at all. Kaela says there is still 2 days though. Kaela says maybe they haven’t because they actually haven’t decided. They only told me where there head is at because she specifically asked them. And like they didn’t specifically say. They were leaning towards keeping Johnny. Derek says they have all day tomorrow, like you said.

2:31 PM ET 2:31 PM ET Maddy & Johnny in the white room. Johnny says he has an idea where Maddy is at. Maddy says okay. Johnny says he has a feeling Daela doesn’t want him to stay, um maybe Kaela does. Maddy responds, last I heard they want you to go… -MyBestBud Less…
Maddy says Kaela and herself was just chatting about it in the bathroom. Johhny says, um I don’t get it, there are pro’s and con’s to both of us (referring to Ryan). Johnny continues saying I can see where I am a challenge threat, then he pretty much says he is not a big threat. Johnny says if there is fear that he is with Ali/Liv, that’s not the case. Johnny says that he and Erica were aligned with each other, and loosely aligned with Ali/Liv, but they were running around behind their backs. Maddy says, in her mind, that with Erica gone Johnny is alone.

Johnny says he had tethered himself to a lot of people and he did not lock down those tethers, and he thinks there are a lot of people who are locked down with each other. That leaves me like free falling. And um, I just hope someone reaches out and grabs me before I totally fall.

Maddy says I don’t need you to put it all out on a platter for me but I need to understand your direction if you stay, a lot.Because if I gamble it’s a f*cking gamble and that’s again what I’m stuck on. Like, to be honest what I’m thinking of, I’m thinking of Johnny. What I did give you my word on what I decided, that I would let you know. And the fact that we are having this conversation, means that I truly don’t know what I prefer right now.

Johnny says, in relation to you, you are not touching that block. (meaning he will not put her up on the block.) I think that what you need to hear right now. Maddy agrees. Ali/Liv, (going on the block) that would be sweet revenge. I can picture the speech I would be making all ready. Obviously Daela are threats in this game even though you may be aligned with them.

Maddy says they (Daela) understand that, we are for the next few weeks. Maddy says she can’t see her beating them (in comps) she then says that Johnny has the fight for life in him, like in veto comps, that she gets that.

Maddy says what she doesn’t like about Ryan staying is that they discussed the triple eviction and Ryan won’t say who he would target, but she assumes it is Daela. She thinks if one of them came down, Ryan would put up Will or Paras. And I don’t want Paras in that position and I don’t want Ryan to have that opportunity. With you being here the likely hood of you winning in the triple is higher than Ryan winning. She believes that Johnny would put up Ali/Liv.

Johnny says he wants Kaela to stay in this game. Maddy says she needs one of the duo in this game. Johnny said he wanted to run with Maddy, Paras and Will. Maddy says she feels loyalty to Will and Paras. Maddy feels that Ryan would put her up as a replacement nominee, which is fine, that she appreciates Ryan’s candidness. Maddy says her personal and game relationship is much stronger with Johnny. Johnny said if Maddy wants his jury vote she would keep him, it’s not a threat. Maddy says she totally understands that, it makes sense. She would feel the same way.

Maddy says if Daela wants Johnny out then it is Maddy going against them. Maddy says she will have Daela targeting her if she keeps Johnny.

Johnny continues to try to get Maddy to vote for him to stay. Maddy continues telling Johnny why it would not be good for her game.

9:53 AM ET Olivia says that Derek slept in the Catacombs with Kaela last night

9:53 AM ET Will just said they had beer, 2 kinds of wine and Screech (Newfoundland Rum) and something about kissing the codfish which is also a Newfoundland custom.

9:49 AM ET Sounds like they also had some tasks yesterday. Will had a task according to Ali and the her and someone else had a task. -susanr342
9:44 AM ET Will says to Ali that “that was fun last night” Ali says she can’t believe they let us sing so many songs. BB tells them to stop talking about production. Sounds like they had some sort of party last night.

9:36 AM ET Paras in kitchen making coffee/tea. Kaela in HOH room with Derek.

9:35 AM ET We have feeds!

8:19 AM ET At 7:46am BBT feed 3 came on for a few seconds showing several seagulls in the hot tub area.

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