Big Brother Canada: Live Feed Update: Nominee hatches an underhanded plan


Big Brother Canada: Live Feed Update: Nominee hatches an underhanded plan

The noms are set. All that is left is the voting.

Head of Household Derek is also this week’s Power of Veto winner. He elected not to use the power at today’s meeting leaving Ryan and Johnny on the block.

Derek’s win is the fourth time this season that a HoH has also won the Power of Veto.

On the live feeds, Johnny went to talk campaign strategy with Olivia and Alejandra. Together they came up with a sneaky plan.

“It is awkward. I think people are avoiding looking at me,” said a dejected Johnny.

Olivia and Alejandra were perplexed as to why.

“I think I am going home. Maddy, Daela, even Will maybe, I don’t know,” said Johnny of the people he thinks are planning on sending him packing.

“Well, Maddy is a real bitch,” snapped Alejandra.

“I wonder if he should say something to Maddy? Like, he is coming after us because she would be on-board for that,” suggested Olivia.

“So, I can s–t talk you guys with her?” asked Johnny.

“Yeah, just don’t attack our character,” said Alejandra.

“That is all I am going to attack,” said Johnny causing them all to laugh.

“Maddy really doesn’t like us,” Alejandra told Johnny.

In the rain in the backyard, Will and Paras talked about the future.

“I don’t think we can go behind their (Daela’s) backs but in the double they can go or Liv and Ali can go,” said Paras. “On the double, it might not be a bad idea to get rid of Kaela.”

“If we win, that is definitely who we got to get rid of,” said Will.

“They (Daela) are going to win out to the end. Liv and Ali won’t. Ali cannot do s—t. Liv can win,” predicted Paras.

“Daela is just surrounding themselves with who they think will take them to the end,” she continued.

“We gotta get rid of Johnny,” said Will.

“…because Johnny is a number for Liv and Ali,” Paras replied.

“We gotta plant the seed that Ali and Liv are campaigning to keep Johnny,” schemed Will.

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