Big Brother Canada: Recap for Monday, April 16


Last week on Big Brother Canada Kaela won her first HOH and nominated Ryan and Will for eviction. Johnny won the Power of Veto and after much debate he did not use it convinced Will had the votes to stay. Canada used Canada’s Save to save Ryan and Kaela made a big move and nominated comp beast Erica for eviction.

Erica was evicted and didn’t leave with grace. Johnny also freaked out after Erica’s eviction. Johnny and Ryan both voted for Erica to stay believing Alejandra and Olivia would keep her as well but they didn’t. Ryan admit that he voted for Erica to stay but Johnny lied about his vote saying he voted for Will to stay. However Kaela and the rest of the house knew damn well that Johnny was lying.

HOH competition

Called Before or After

Houseguests had to answer questions based on 2 events did the first event happen before or after the 2nd event. If they answer incorrectly they are out the last person standing will win the HOH.

1st Round – Will is incorrect and eliminated
2nd Round – no one is incorrect
3rd Round – Ryan is incorrect and is eliminated
4th Round – no one is incorrect
5th Round – Alejandra, Maddy, Paras, are all incorrect and are eliminated
Remaining Derek, Olivia, Johnny
6th Round – Everyone is correct

Tie Breaker

Derek 100
Olivia 59
Johnny 63

Answer 117

Derek is the closest and wins the HOH competition.

Later that night Johnny confessed to Will that he did vote for Erica to stay.

Will advises him to confess to the rest and he does.

Have/Have-nots competition.

Houseguests are split into 2 teams of 4.

Called Buttsketball

A basketball game with one player sitting in a swivel chair attached to the net. They use their butts to the turn the chair to keep the other players from scoring.

Have Nets

Johnny, Maddy (in the net Chair) Ryan and Will

Slop Stars

Olivia, Paras (in the net chair), Kaela and Alejandra

Have Nets beat the Slop Stars with a score of 24 – 4 making Olivia, Paras, Kaela and Alejandra have-nots for the week.


Derek enters the throne room and makes his nominations.

Johnny and Ryan are up for eviction.

Tune in Wednesday at 9pm EST for the Power of Veto competition and ceremony. Will the Veto save either Ryan or Johnny or Will the nominations stay the same.

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