Big Brother Canada: Live Feed Update For Friday, April 15


Big Brother Canada: Live Feed Update For Friday, April 15

9:42 PM ET Derek won the POV

9:36 PM ET Feeds Back

8:51 PM ET Feeds went down for POV comp around 5:38pm EST

4:57 PM ET Feed 2 is Oliva and Johnny sitting on the couch upstairs. Talking about if Erica is in jury. Johnny says he hopes he see’s her.

4:54 PM ET Feed 4. Ali, Maddy, Ryan, Paras, Kaela and Oliva. Kaela and Paris are playing golf. Others watching them.
4:51 PM ET Johnny talking to camera after nomination. This is great, I’m on the block. Such a good game, it’s falling apart. It’s not over yet. I’ll be damned if I go out of this game without putting up a fight. So thirsty for revenge. He laughs, oh my gosh. I just…want to sharpen my fangs and sink them into Daela’s neck so hard, and take all their blood out, every single drop until their lifeless and out of this game. I’m going to laugh evilly.

He paces around in the red room. He crosses his fingers and says, let’s hope I get the chance, but probably not. Odds are I go home this week. It’s still been a hell of a ride, I have had such a good time. But, if I do stay, they thought I was fiery before, like it’s going to be next level. No more playing safe. I’m playing with fire. I’m not playing with fire, I’m playing with nukes. Throw a big ole nuke at them, let it explode.

He paces some more. He laughs and says ah God. If it is the reason cause I told a lie to the house, I don’t buy it. I was going on that block regardless. If they played a good enough game, they sensed I was coming after them heavy, the last f*cking month.

4:13 PM ET Ryan in the have not room with Johnny: If I win the PoV, In my speech I’m going to say something along the lines of “I hope you enjoyed the suite, because the honeymoon is over”

3:37 PM ET Earlier today, Johnny goes in the white room with Oliva. Johnny says to Oliva that he is a person in danger. Johnny says he wants to be frank with her. Tells her by voting for Erica, he was not anti Will, he felt like they were going to keep..

Erica safe, but that wasn’t the case. Oliva says, well let me say something first. I do feel badly and I wanted to give you a couple of days before we were going to have a super honest conversation, cause I knew you were upset about it.

Obviously you feel betrayed. The only reason you voted for her is because you thought Ali and I were going to. And I feel really badly, and honest to God it crossed my mind to save her and I knew it wasn’t the right game move for me. And I just had to switch it last minute. I wanted to tell you, Ali was staring at me, and I wanted to tell you what the plan was. But I knew if I did, I would jeopardize what Kaela had offered me. And that I may have gone up. That is the only reason why I did not tell you. I was really freaked out in the moment but your right, we did know how we were voting.

Oliva says she really feels bad that Johnny was on the wrong side of it. Johnny says, ya, that really s*cked. Oliva tells Johnny she understand if Johnny lost trust with Ali and herself, specifically herself. Oliva says she still wants to have a good time in house, regardless if Johnny wants to move forward with her. Johnny says it was a stupid decision to vote for Erica.

Oliva says that two (Johnny & Erica) was too much and now that Johnny is alone he is no threat. Johnny tells Oliva that he thought his bond with her was so solid. Oliva replies, it is. Oliva explaining to Johnny why she made the decision. That it was a split second decision. Johnny says your truth is that you haven’t trusted me a long time. Oliva says that is not the case.

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