Big Brother Canada: Recap For Thursday, April 12 (Eviction)


Eviction night on Big Brother Canada!

But first lets recap what has happened this week. Kaela won her 1st HOH and nominated Ryan and Will for eviction. Johnny won the Power of Veto competition and after much debate he decided not to use his Veto to save Ryan or Will.

Tonight we will find out if Canada’s Save will save either Ryan or Will or be saved for next week. One thing we do know is someone will be evicted tonight.

Arias welcomes us to the live eviction show and informs us that Canada has decided to save one of the 2 nominees.

We are sent to a recap and then we pick up after the the Power of Veto Ceremony.

Ryan is pretty much a dead man walking in this game but he refuses to give up hope. He gets a “sappy, poor me edit”.

Will is confident he has the votes to stay.

Wendy’s gives the house a task to make 100 fresh salads. The house is split into 2 teams of 4, Paras is the judge. The team that wins gets a Wendy’s meal and videos from home. Olivia found a secret message from Big Brother. She can win the meals and videos from home for ALL the house guests if she completes this task. 1 she has to take a shower 2 have a nap and 3 eat a salade.

Her team of Will, Derek and Erica get really annoyed with Olivia for abandoning their team to do these tasks. But in the end their team finishes first and believes they have won…until Olivia announces to the house that she was on a secret task and she has successful in completing her task and has won Wendy’s dinner and videos from home for ALL houseguests.

Time for the Eviction

Arisa appears to the houseguests and informs them of Canada’s Save.

Canada saves Ryan from eviction.

Kaela must replace the nomination however she can not nominate Derek because of his safety for the week or Johnny the POV winner.

Kaela nominates Erica

Will and Erica are up for eviction

Johnny votes to evict Will
Alejandra votes to evict Erica
Olivia votes to evict Erica
Ryan votes to evict Will
Paras votes to evict Erica
Derek votes to evict Erica
Maddy votes to evict Erica

By a vote of 5-2 Erica has been evicted from the Big Brother Canada house.

Erica is not happy and swears on her way out the door. Johnny is freaking out.

HOH Competition

Questions before or after

Round 1 Will is out

Round 2 everyone is correct

Show ends. Arias tell us Jury begins next week.

Tune in Monday at 9pm est to find out who wins the HOH competition (cough Derek cough) and who will be nominated.

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