Big Brother Canada: Live Feed Update For Friday, April 13


Big Brother Canada: Live Feed Update For Friday, April 13

5:29 PM PT Johnny in red room lying down. He is alone. -MyBestBud

5:27 PM PT Feed 3 & 4 have Maddy and Kaela outside. Kaela says for the first time in the game, we control the votes. Maddy says at week 7 she finally feels like she has an influence in the game…

Kaela tells Maddy that with Derek in charge Maddy has no need to worry. Maddy says she is so relived. Kaela says how excited she was when Derek won and she is proud of him. Kaela says they really can’t trust Johnny. They talk about the hoh comp. Kaela says if they get rid of Johnny they will get Will back.

Kaela says Johnny is more of a threat. Maddy says she would prefer that Johnny goes home this week. Kaela says if Maddy is more threatened by Liv, why not Liv. (to go home) Maddy says she does not care, they are the same.

5:10 PM PT Now – feed 1 & 2 are down.

5:03 PM PT Earlier today. Will and Johnny in white room. Johnny says the guilt he feels when I he stares at Will in the house. That it is eating away at him.

4:58 PM PT 4/13 – Earlier today, Ryan and Ali playing pool. Ali tells Ryan that basically what she can say confidently if you end up on the block, you can like count on our vote. Ryan says that’s awesome. Ryan says there are 6 votes and the hoh is the tie-breaker.

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