Big Brother Canada: Recap For Wednesday, April 11, 2018


On the last episode of Big Brother Canada Kaela won the HOH competition and nominated Ryan and Will for eviction. Ryan being her target and Will the perfect pawn.

Tonight we will see how Power of Veto competition played out and who will win. Also voting opens for Canada’s Save. Canada can vote to save either Ryan or Will from eviction or vote to use the Power next week instead.

HOH Kaela will make the replacement nomination. Derek who has safety will be safe as well as the houseguest that wins the Veto.

POV competition


Kaela, Ryan, Will, Johnny, Erica, Derek

Host Olivia

POV will be played in 3 rounds.

1st round Paris

Players must go around tables and pick up glasses once they collect 21 glasses they then have to stack them up to form a pyramid. If they drop a glass at anytime they must start over.

The first 4 to finish will move on to the next destination.

Ryan makes his Pyramid first followed by Erica, then Johnny. The last spot comes down to Will, Kaela and Derek. Kaela takes the last spot.

2nd round London

Players must maneuver a stick through a map of London’s subway system. The first 2 to complete the puzzle move on to the last stage.

Johnny and Ryan move on.

3rd round Rome Italy

Players must find puzzle peices in the shape of the Veto symbol by breaking clay pots. If they smash a pot with black sand they will be given a time penalty. Once they find all 20 puzzle peices they can then start to assemble the puzzle.

The first to finish wins the Power of Veto and the trip for 2 to London.

Johnny wins the Power of Veto.

Johnny thinks about using the Veto on Will. He has conversation to see if it is worth saving Will but he is also is pretty confident that Will has the votes to stay.

Kaela tries to stir the pot by telling other houseguests that Johnny is thinking of using the Veto and Johnny suggested them as the replacement nomination.

POV Ceremony

Johnny does NOT use the Veto.

Tune in Thursday night at 8pm est. When we will find out if Canada voted to save either Ryan or Will. Or will the Power be saved for next week. If the power is used to save Ryan or Will Kaela will make the replacement nomination.

Derek and Johnny will be safe, anyone else is fair game.

If Canada does save Will or Ryan who will go up in their place and who will be evicted.

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