Big Brother Canada: Live Feed Update for April 11


Big Brother Canada: Live Feed Update for April 11

7:56 PM ET Kaela told us what they did while the feeds were down – Day 39 we got a Wendy’s task, divided into two teams to do meal prep, Olivia had a task in the task, and we won the house a Wendy’s meal and videos from home

5:36 PM ET 5:30 EST-Feeds are still down.

3:50 PM ET 3:50 EST – feeds still down

1:44 PM ET Feeds are down.

1:38 PM ET 4/10-Before the feeds went down. Paras and Johnny outside. Paras saying how much faith do we have in the six. Mentions to Johnny she gets his loyalty to Will. Johnny says he has a lot of loyalty to Will. Paras says lets say you are…

aligned with us, and we keep getting picked off one by one, you don’t have to stay. Johnny says he does not feel like Paras and the others are locked down with each other. Paras says the preference is for all of us to stay together. If she goes next week she wants Maddy, Johnny and Will to stay together. I don’t know what to think outside of us four, if I win hoh next week which I am f*ucking gunning for, I don’t know what to do. I want a perspective that is not my own cause I feel like I can’t think straight. I don’t know it’s because I am so confused, I would rather know who is targeting me.

Johnny: I don’t hear anyone targeting you. Paras: But at the same time I would to be building my resume. If you’re too scared at this point you will be taken out. We need to talk and see who is the worst for our game right now. Johnny: I feel like I was so vocal last week, trying to rally, trying to rally, I thought people were going to throw me under the bus to like Kaela and stuff. Some people did, it was like f*ck Johnny, that was way to much risk you put out there. Talking to Kaela and Derrick this week, I had some good conversations with them. Para: see. Johnny: I want them to be one, I don’t want them to be two. That’s my thing.

Johnny: If the triple is at the end of next week, and if one…Paras cuts in and says she has a secret he has to keep. I haven’t told anyone in the house, this could be our ammo next week, you can’t tell anybody. Kaela is a rugby player. Johnny says, I know that, everyone knows that. What?! Veronica told you! Johnny laughs. They talk about how Johnny had told Kaela about it.

Paras asks Johnny where does he stand. Johnny: I think I stand ok, Ali & Liv, Paras: but don’t you think you would have a better chance of competing with Derrick than Liv. They talk about who would go up in a triple eviction. Paras talks about how Liv is smart and Liv said she is throwing comps. Johnny says the person who is building a resume puts Daela up on the block, that would be a notch in their belt. Paras: As long as we stay strong, the four of us will control next week.

They continue to discuss who to put up next week. Ali comes out and joins them.

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