Big Brother Canada: Live Feed Update #2 for April 11


Big Brother Canada: Live Feed Update #2 for April 11

11:59 AM PT Kaela to Derek, saying it’s crazy how no one wanted them there, and they are still here. That they are meant to go far. Derek says he is so jacked for hoh comp, that it is his turn. (to win) Kaela says Derek can win hoh & she could go for veto.

11:55 AM PT Derek & Kaela in the HOH. Kaela respects Ryan’s mind and feels threatened by him, and that is why she wants him out. Says Ryan is just as threatening to her as Johnny and Erica are.

11:49 AM PT Ryan is pitching to Johnny. Ryan talking to Johnny about loyalty and what Will brings Johnny. Everyone knows where I stood, I have been pretty vocal about it. Ryan says his targets have never been quiet, sneaky they have never been underhanded…

Ryan: This is how it is and this is how it’s going to be. At this point it is get or be gotten. You said the other day you wish you could just pop into your head to see what you been seeing, I have to bring it all out. I’m at the stage where I am fairly confident that I am going home, because the people I need to vote for me, won’t. And the people who are definitely voting against me are. Um, and there is no way to sway those people. I won’t be talking a lot in the jury, I really don’t think I will.

Ryan: But, I am curious to the state of the game right now, and it feels like I don’t have a handle on it, not at all. And at the end of the day, full and frank is all I’ve asked of people and it’s what I haven’t gotten from most. Paras said Will has been taken care of her since week 1. Will said he was taken care of me too, he was till he wasn’t. So, I’ve been taken care of myself. He continues on and on.

Ryan: Tomorrow afternoon when it’s 2 hrs before eviction, no one’s changing their vote. My game doesn’t exist. Why would I blow up someone’s game. If you (Johnny) only knew all the things going on regarding you. I could be the guy who decides who gets the hundred grand or not. But, I am having the conversation with you today and not tomorrow, because I know it takes you longer to figure out what you want to do. I’m standing in the spot where all the support I had last week is gone.

Talks about last weeks eviction. Talks more to get Johnny to vote for him. Tells Johnny if he votes for Will to stay, to be very careful.

11:17 AM PT Derek now in the hoh with Kaela talking about working out in a few hours, after lunch.

11:16 AM PT Oliva now in the red room quizzing herself on past events in the house.

11:15 AM PT Feed 2 – Oliva in the bathroom. Big sigh.

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