Big Brother Canada: Recap For Monday, April 10, 2018


Last week on Big Brother Canada we saw Erica won the Head of Household competition and nominated Ryan and Merron for eviction. Johnny won and did not use the Power of Veto.

Merron was evicted from the Big Brother Canada.

At the end of Thursday’s show the houseguests had started HOH competition called Buttoned Up.

Tonight we will see the conclusion of the HOH competition and find out who they nominate for eviction.

HOH Competition

Houseguests have to press and hold a button above their head. If they let go they are out. They will also be given temptations during the competition. However, if they leave their button for a temptation they will be out of the competition.

The houseguest that holds their button the longest will win the HOH.

There will be no have-nots this week but the houseguests will get 1 hour of slop for every 5 minutes they last in the competition.

1st temptation – House Pizza Party

No one goes for it

2nd temptation – $1000

Paras takes the temptation she is out.

Ryan slips and is out.

Maddy slips and is out…she is devastated she messed up.

3rd temptation – Safety for the week.

Derek takes this temptation.

Alejandra slips and she is out.

Houseguests remain are Kaela, Johnny, Olivia and Will.

They are informed that they can not switch arms from this point on.

4th temptation – Call from a love one right now.

Kaela says you all take the phone call and you are all safe.

Will starts to cry (he has a 5yr old son back home)

Johnny says to him it’s just a phone call you have a life time with them.

Kaela says but its different for Will take the call.

Will takes this temptation is now out.

Remaining are Kaela, Olivia, Johnny

Johnny gets distracted and switches his hands. Johnny is now disqualified from the competition.

Will gets his call from his family and his 5 year old son over the speaker. Everyone is crying as they hear Will’s son.

Kaela and Olivia remain.

Olivia doesn’t want to win the HOH but she wants to stay up in case their is another temptation.

Shortly after Big Brother announced that there will be no more temptations.

Kaela offers to take Olivia to HOH Wendy’s take out meal.

Olivia drops out.

Kaela wins the Head of Household.

Kaela uses her HOH to put doubt in the other houseguests as she has her one on one meeting.

She wants to stir the pot and make the other houseguests question their loyalty with the other houseguests.

She promises safety to Erica, Olivia, Alejandra.

Ryan throws everyone under the bus. Mostly the houseguests that voted to keep him last week saying they told him for him to stay he has to target Kaela and Derek. He tells her he believes that Maddy was the ringleader leading the charge to get Derek and Kaela out this week. Johnny was Maddy’s sidekick, Paras and Will were also in one it.

Will is really upset with Kaela because he believed she promised him safety if he took the phone call from home. Will is pissed off he confronts Ryan, Ryan denies throwing anyone under the bus.

After her meeting with Kaela, Maddy talks to Paras saying she may go on the block and be the target this week.

Paras doesn’t want to lose Maddy.

Paras goes to Kaela and Derek and convinces them that Ryan was the actual ringleader not Maddy they should be going after Ryan and not Maddy. Maddy just went along with Ryan’s plan because she wanted Ryan to stay last week but not this week.


Kaela enters the throne room to make her nominations.

Kaela nominates Will and Ryan for eviction.

Tune in Wednesday night at 9pm est to find out who wins the Power of Veto competition and will it save either Will or Ryan from eviction.

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