Big Brother Canada: Live Feed Update For April 9, 2018


Big Brother Canada: Live Feed Update For April 9, 2018

4:35 PM ET Johnny, Derrick, Paras and Ali outside. Not much talk.

4:34 PM ET oliva and ryan talking in the white room Ryan rehashing things.

4:07 PM ET Johnny and Will outside. Johnny says to Will, I feel like you don’t want me to use the POV. You said you respect me and whoever is going is going. Johnny: I just don’t want to burn bridges with Maddy or Paras, because obviously…

if I use this one of them are going on the block. I would be ***** up my entire game for nothing, because Ryan is going home anyway. Will: Ya, I’m not going to beg you to use it. Kaela said she would use it on me if she won. That I am a pawn. Maddy would go up cause she thinks Maddy is the most stratigic. Johnny, but she wants Ryan gone, so why would she put up Maddy.

Will: Cause she thinks Maddy was the ringleader in wanting Daela to go home. Kaela talked to Will last night and told him he would be surprised how many people went in and threw Johnny under the bus. Johnny: Who do you think that is? Will: Well I don’t want to say. I think Ali did. She said almost everyone threw your name under the bus.

Johnny: I honestly don’t know if I believe it. I don;t want to risk you being out of the game. There is a trail in the white room leading up to a white rose, like there would be something behind the white rose. Ryan told me last week. Will: Swear to God this is the first I heard of this. Johnny: Get out of here, oh I thought it was because you had something the day you were inside the DR or whatever. Will: No! I looked through every rose in the white room the other day to see if Merron…

Will: Everyone sees you and Maddy as a duo, so maybe you can break that up. Maddy wins the comp and puts up Daela, she gets that blood on her hands.

Talk about the triple eviction.

3:43 PM ET When the feeds came back on Maddy and Paras in bedroom. Paras says there is a lot of people she does not want in this house. Maddy agrees. Maddy says Ali is getting her claws in Will. They will have to wait and see what Will does if he wins HOH..

But then again, Will will listen to reason and judgement when he has too. Paras agrees. Maddy says you can’t plant anything with Will any earlier than you need to. He even wanted to sit outside and talk to me today. Johnny will vote to keep Will. Paras says there is no way Will is going anywhere this week. Paras says, me you Johnny Derrick. Maddy says that Ali is putting to much work into Will that no way would she not keep him.

Paras says Johnny worries her. Maddy agreed, said they need to keep an eye on that for sure. Maddy says a spooked Johnny is ok, it’s when Johnny gets confident. Paras says Johnny wants to much out of this game, like he wants no one to even talk about him. Maddy says, whether it’s true or not, Johnny tells her that he reinforces her to Ali and Liv all the time. It’s almost like he needs to stop doing that, because they are going to want to get her even more now.

Paras: I did not come here to give someone a 100K.

3:23 PM ET Feed: Daela, Johnny, Maddy and Ali in kitchen.

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