Big Brother Canada: Live Feed Update For April 8, 2018


Big Brother Canada: Live Feed Update For April 8, 2018

12:05 AM ET Johnny won the POV

5:08 PM ET 4/7 – Ryan pitches to Erica and Johnny..

Ryan, if either of you have it at the end of the day, (veto), I would like to have a chat. I don’t expect you to say yes, I really don’t, (about using veto on him), but there is a value in somebody willing to shoot instead of somebody who wouldn’t. I feel that may be the difference between the two of us. (talking about Will.) And plus, given who, if I’m not there, (on the block) given who would go up, I think there is a way better shot that Will and I would be both in the house, if I come off.

Erica: 100%.

Ryan: And I don’t think you guys are the replacement nominee in either direction either way. Erica: Sure.

Ryan: That’s the entire pitch. Johnny: I hear ya.

Ryan: I’ve never had anything to say negative about either one of you.
Johnny: Ya ya, I know.

Ryan: I’m going for chicken and fries now.

3:28 PM ET Ali teaching Oliva how to dip. Laughter. No game talk anywhere. Out for now.

3:28 PM ET Oliva and Ali in bathroom talking about makeup.

3:24 PM ET Paras came into kitchen, Ryan cooking and Will still sweeping. All are quiet.

3:22 PM ET Ryan: With everything that happened yesterday, I feel like I got played by 2 different people. And certain people ended up getting caught in the middle of it and it’s not fair to them. So I just wanted to apologize is all. Will: like I said don’t worry about it. Ryan: I know. The more time I have to focus on it, the more time I have to think about it. Will: It’s a game.

3:17 PM ET Will, Ryan. Will sweeping says he is trying to keep his mind off it. Ryan tell him he doesn’t think Will is going home. Will: You don’t know until Thurs though. Ryan to Will, after everything is said & done today, I want to talk to you if you don’t mind.

3:14 PM ET Erica, Johnny, Daela in hoh. Talking about comps.

3:11 PM ET Paras, Maddy and Will…Will walks in. Will said he was just cleaning. Someone has to do it. Paras thanks him. Will: What are you yarning about? Paras: Just about life in this house. Talk about can’t waiting till backyard is open. Talk about veto. Not much going on in this feed.

3:07 PM ET Paras, Maddy..Paras telling Maddy that people are saying that Maddy is in the hoh too much. Paras says she is good with Kaela and again stresses to Maddy that it is hurting Maddy’s game going in there too much. Paras says she does not talk game enough but it works for her.

Maddy said that Ryan said he thinks Will found a veto in the white room. Paras said Maddy did not tell her that and that Maddy has to tell her things that go on in the house. Week after week I am sticking my neck out for you, I need to know.

2:58 PM ET Erica, Johnny, Ryan..Johnny, do you have a word in your head if it’s a spelling veto?

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