Big Brother Canada: Recap for Episode 14 on April 5


On Wednesday nights show we saw Johnny win the Power of Veto competition. He tested the waters to see if he could use it so a big move could be made. However, Erica wanted to take out a “Floater” and didn’t want to make a big move this week.

Johnny believed Erica would probably put up Maddy and Johnny didn’t want that so in the end he didn’t use the Power of Veto.

Tonight we will find out who will be evicted Merron or Ryan. Also a new HOH will be crown…(HOH spoiler at the end.)

Alejandra, Kaela and Derek really want Ryan gone from the game. They see this as the perfect opportunity to get him out.

They really wanted to manipulate the situation to get their way.

The other houseguests believe that Merron would be the perfect pawn, if they are on the block next to Merron they will be the ones sent home. They also know that Alejandra, Kaela and Derek dislike Ryan so they will focus their target to Ryan next week if they were to win the HOH competition.

Erica made it known that in the event of a tie she would vote for Merron to leave. Erica believed that Merron would work with Kaela and Derek and would target Erica IF he won the HOH.

Alejandra and Kaela pushed their agenda to get Ryan out right to the last minute but it fell short.

Time for eviction

Olivia votes for Merron
Kaela votes for Ryan
Derek votes for Ryan
Maddy votes for Merron
Will votes for Merron
Johnny votes for Merron
Alejandra votes for Ryan
Paras votes for Merron

By a vote of 5-3 Merron the last Gate Crasher has been evicted from the Big Brother Canada house.

HOH competition

Called Buttoned Up

Houseguests have to press and hold a botton above their head. If they let go they are out of the competition.

They will also be given temptations during the competition. However, if they leave their button for a temptation they will be out of the competition.

Arisa also informed us of a new twist for Canada to save a nominee after the Power Of Veto Ceremony. So after the show on Wednesday voting will open, you will have a chance to vote to save 1 of the houseguests up for eviction or Canada can save the power for the next week. If the power is used the HOH will make the replacement nomination.

Tune in Monday night at 9pm est to find out how the HOH played out and who will be nominated for eviction.

HOH Spoiler….

Kaela won the HOH competition.

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