Big Brother Canada: Live Feed Update for April 6, 2018


1:43 PM ET Johnny is outside with Maddy/Paras & Will he said if he finds out someone said his name this week, he wont care about Daela, he will come after that person hard

1:41 PM ET Johnny: I think she had her mind made up from last week (He’s talking about Kaela’s nom) & it makes me the most uneasy about it [Update Has Screen Caps]

1:29 PM ET Kaela to Olivia: They said they went you & Ali out bad. Olivia: Well they have to win something first
1:25 PM ET Olivia to Kaela: You, Me, Derek, Ali & Erica are the biggest players in the house but we’re also loyal. Everyone else is a talking *****.

1:23 PM ET Kaela tells Olivia there were 2 ringleaders that rally to get the house to target Derek & Kaela [Update Has Screen Caps]

1:11 PM ET Kaela to Erica: I want you, me and someone else & not Maddy or Paras because you would cut me for them. [Update Has Screen Caps]

12:54 PM ET Erica tells Johnny she would use the veto on him if he’s nominated

12:46 PM ET Johnny is talking to Derrick in pantry. Don’t think Will talked to Johnny yet.
12:42 PM ET Will and Kaela…

Will says he won’t keep her long. Wants to know if what was said yesterday if he is good for the week. Kaela says she is not telling everyone if they are safe. I’m just kinda seeing where people’s heads are at. Johnny said as long as he is safe he does not give a f*uck what everyone is saying. Kaela said people were saying that Will wanted to get her and Derrick out.

Will said it is probably everyone coming in here and working the HOH. Kaela says you guys wanted Ryan to stay to go after me. You guys were rallying to get Derrick and her out. Will says that’s ***** 100%. Will is looking for reassurance and Kaela is not giving it. Kaela asked if Will had won HOH would he have put her and Derrick up. Will said no, I told you I gave my word and everyone knows that he is loyal to his word in this game. Kaela says ya, but you have given your word in the game a couple of times and have not been loyal to it.

Kaela to Will, you and Jesse and Derrick had a threesome alliance. Will says not really though. Kinda like for that week. Kaela says she did not know about it till Jesse was gone. Derrick really wanted to trust you. Saying Will’s my boy. Kaela told Derrick that Will totally back stabbed Jesse, but Derrick said, no Will’s my boy. Kaela said that you gave your word to Jesse that he was going to be kept in the game. Will basically said it was not an alliance just a relationship.

Then Kaela said even this past week you said you were going to vote Ryan out. Will saying that Merron was shady. Kaela telling Will that people are going in there and saying that Will wanted Daela out. Will says again, that is 100% *****.

Kaela confronting Will and Will backpedaling and denying. Will says people are coming in here trying to put a target on his back because they are afraid now. Talking about Kaela telling Will to step down and I will keep you safe. She told 2 other hgs same thing and only Will stepped down for the video. Will is pushing that he did step down and she said he would be safe.

Kaela is saying that she told Will, Johnny and Liv to step down. Will said no, you told me to step down and I did. Going back and forth here. Will wants her to say he is safe. She saying she wanted all three to step down and she would keep them three safe. Will, ya if you put me up it is what it is. Kaela says I’m not saying I am putting you up, I am just saying I want to hear what everyone has to say. Will saying he is not coming in here and throwing anyone under the bus.

Kaela, ya I just want to say that people are coming in here and saying your name. Will I’m gonna call everyone out now. Kaela: don’t. Will gets up and walks out the door saying, but thanks. He is mad.

will walks out and said I am ***** pissed. Looks in both bedrooms and walks downstairs. Asks Johnny if he had a minute.

12:36 PM ET Paras wanted to know if Maddy mentioned her name, Kaela said she cant say who but her name was mentioned by one of them (I think it was Ryan)
12:32 PM ET Paras tells Kaela that Ryan was pushing her to target Kaela & Derek

12:30 PM ET Paras tells Kaeala she would nominate Ryan & Maddy with saying Maddy is the pawn but if she want home, she wouldnt feel bad about it [Update Has Screen Caps]

12:29 PM ET Kaela: Where’s your head at? What youre thinking? Paras: Well I want you to know I have been faithfully & I never once throw your name out, never once.

12:25 PM ET Kaela tells Paras, that people have been saying she has been targeting her & Derek. Paras: Bring them in here, I will give you good TV because I know I didnt say that. [Update Has Screen Caps]

12:19 PM ET Ali & Kaela aren’t naming names but it seems Ali suggestion to Kaela is to nominate Willy “with an emotional Pawn” Probably Paras with a Johnny BD, Because if Johnny wins veto he will be mad at her.

12:13 PM ET Ali asked Kaela where is she is with Johnny. Kaela tells her she’s only keeping the 5 people safe (the 2 duos & Erica)

12:12 PM ET Ali food for thought to Kaela “There’s only 4 weeks left & there’s not alot of time to make a big move”

12:11 PM ET Ali tells Kaela if she tells her something there are certain things that she doesnt include Erica

12:08 PM ET Ali tells Kaela that Johnny is worried, she tells her that Johnny came up to her & Liv & ask if they have a deal with Daela.
12:06 PM ET Johnny said he will be pissed if Maddy said his name after he put his neck on the line for her & in walks Maddy. [Update Has Screen Caps]

11:53 AM ET kaela and Johhny. She tells him someone told her that he wanted herself and Derrick out. Johnny is kicking himself for not taking the saved for the week in the hoh comp. Kaela just wants to talk to everyone and not promise everyone…who walks in safety. Johnny hates when people throw him under the bus. Hamza said you Derrick and Jesse wanted me out. Kaela denies this.

Short meeting and no promise to Johnny not to put him up.

11:21 AM ET Kaela and Ryan in HOH..

Ryan talks about how he understands why she wanted Merron in. Kaela said that Erica told her to vote how she wanted to. She was down with the plan to vote out Merron at first, if that is what the house wanted. And everyone said, oh aren’t you working with Merron? She said that Merron didn’t even talk game with her. Ryan saying, right, right. Kaela, and for one I was Hamza’s biggest target. Ryan said ya you were. Kaela then says she was Hamza’s biggest backdoor target for Jesse. Talk about V and Hams.

Ryan, the thing I’ve been finding out about this household the 5 wks I’ve been here now, is that if you are not directly working with someone, the house assumes you are already working with someone else, working with the other side. Kaela, and for some reason Derick and I are thrown in every little situation. Ryan, that’s funny cause everyone is telling me that you and Derrick are totally isolated. That’s the only information I am getting about you. Kaela, everyone was telling me that you were coming after us, and you weren’t talking to me.

Kaela said she was told right after the double eviction that Ryan had suggested she go on the block that week. Ryan, no, a 100% no. Ryan, the entire conversation with Liv was about himself. Kaela, my guess is they are saving me for the triple. Ryan, of course. Talk about the double eviction. (skipping ahead)

Ryan, I do feel like Erica wants me in the game. And I appreciate it. Erica and I have not ever worked together. But we never actively worked apart. Erica thinks I’m funny and I think she is funny, and between the two of us, we just get along.
Kaela, she probably put you up there because that is what every single person wanted. They were very gun ho to get you out. And me and Derrick were like, *****, what do we do.

Ryan, however ***** shakes down this week, um, people are going to pour a lot of ***** in your ears. Kaela, oh I know, I am very looking forward to it. The house talks a lot and she is a very straight forward person. Ryan, Based on our conversation yesterday I hope your intention not to put me on the block is the same because if it isn’t then I go home. I’m very confident if I am sitting on the block Thurs., I will go home.

Kaela and Ryan are making amends, and Kaela is not putting him on the block.

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