Big Brother Canada: Recap for April 4, 2018


On Monday nights show we saw a Frat Party HOH competition Erica pulled out the win over Maddy. Taking the “safe route” Erica went on to nominating Merron and Ryan for eviction.

Erica believed she would get little to no blood on her hands with these nominations because they are considered to be floaters and have little to no connections with other houseguests.

She refused to go after a bigger target because 2 big targets had left in the Double Eviction. (Veronica and Hamaz) However with these nominations if she heard something she didn’t agree with she could always change her mind after the Veto is played.

Everyone views Merron as the perfect pawn because he has done horrible in all the competitions he’s played in and anyone else sitting next to him will go home. (or jury)

Most believe Ryan would go over them if they find themselves sitting next to him on the block.

But Ryan is very disliked by Alejandra, Kaela and Derek. So they want him out pretty badly and belive the can manipulate Erica and others to evict Ryan.

Time for the Power of Veto competition.

Call Skip the Dishes.

Playing Erica, Ryan, Merron, Maddy, Johnny and Alejandra.

They play the competition individually.

Houseguests must fill orders and deliver them to certain houses. However, some orders will be missing details so they will have to skip them and return to them later. The player to deliver all the orders correctly with the fastest time will win the Veto and a $5000 gift card Prize.

(I love that BBCAN gives out $5000 cash prizes with the Veto. It pushes houseguests to play for themselves and not throw the competition.)

Maddy placed 6th with the worse time of 11 minutes 3 seconds.

Merron placed 5th

Ryan placed 4th

They didn’t says the times for Alejandra and Erica

Johnny wins the Power of Veto with a time of 5 minutes 44 seconds.

Erica invites Merron, Ali, Kaela to play the Hasbro game of the week Speak Out.

Johnny has multiple conversations to see where he stands if he were to use the Veto and if he would have the support. Johnny’s concerned is that Maddy would go up as a replacement and he doesn’t want that. He really wants to target Kaela or Derek. After talking with Erica he is unsure if Erica would target Daela or Maddy.

In the end…

Johnny decided Not to use the Power of Veto.

Tune in Thursday night at 8pm est. to find out who will be evicted either Merron or Ryan.

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