Big Brother Canada: Opinions, Odds, and Predictions For April 5


by MattD

Hello again everybody!! We finally got our first double eviction under our belts with Veronica, and Hamza being the unlucky losers. Merron or possibly Ryan is leaving the house tonight so we’ll be down to the final 10. As always there’s much to discuss so let’s get to it, These are my thouhgts:

The Double Eviction: If I’ve said it one. I’ve said it a thousand times. Playing the game hard doesn’t mean you’re playing it well. I’ve already alluded to Veronica’s stupidity last week, and one of the more predictable things was her telling Arisa she would do the same thing all over again with the hinky vote. Hamza is more likeable, and I didn’t really want him to be evicted right then and there, but with him while he didn’t really make any bad moves, all you heard out of him was criticizing everyone else for being “sheep”. People are foerever talking about wanting to “shake up the house”, and the producers drool over that sort of thing. If you’re trying to get on the show saying things like that are good, but once you’re in there it might be a different story. Doing things to “shake up the house” or whatever is fine if it helps you win the game. Doing it just to be doing it might make for “fun feeds”, but if it doesn’t help you win , are you really playing the game well? I don’t mean to pick on the two people that got evicted, but it’s a good time to point this out as the two of them will have a hard time shaking things up while watching the show from the comfort of their own living rooms.

Could they possibly bring someone back? Some of the evicted houseguests are tweeting and such, so if it happened, it’d have to be a jury member. It’s thing now for Canada to do a triple eviction, and if they do that, with single evictions the other weeks, we would evict the 5th place finisher and get us down to the last 4 on May 3. If the finale is on the 10th, they wouldn’t do it, but if it’s on the 17th they could. I always root against that of course, because I don’t think it’s right for one person to get to play twice in the same season. Incidentally, I’m not crazy about the triple eviction nights either, or at least with the way it’s been set up. The person who wins the HOH, gets to evict two people, which I don’t think is right. If they were to get another half hour of air time, and evict three people one at a time, that’d be a fun show.

Odds: Not a whole lot has changed since last week all things considered. Erica won a second HOH, and put up the same people as Olivia did during the double eviction. I haven’t ruled anyone out from having a realistic shot at winning. Again we don’t know what twists they could have in store or what role they could play in this .

Johnny 6-1
Erica 6-1
Will 7-1
Maddy 8-1
Derek 9-1
Kaela 9-1
Paras 10-1
Olivia 11-1
Ali 11-1
Ryan 15-1
Merron 20-1

Johnny 6-1: I didn’t really care for his reaction to Olivia after she won the double eviction HOH, but he’s sitting pretty well, and I think he has a good shot at winning the game. There’s only going to be three other guys in the house besides him, so he and Erica could keep winning these comps.

Erica 6-1: If someone wants to get to the end of the game and claim they took down a huge player, Erica’s the one to go after. But all things considered I think she came out well having won essentially back to back HOH’s. And I see her point about not taking out another big target being as that would make the target on her back even bigger. Just have to hope the wrong person doesn’t win HOH and backdoor her.

Will 7-1: He really hasn’t done that much, and you would have to stretch your imagination to say he’s the 3rd best player so far, but I kind of like where he’s sitting. Erica and Johnny in my opinion are the big targets, but if you get at least one of them out of the way, those comps will be easier to win. There’s no doubt that he has to step it up, but I think he can.

Maddy 8-1: She managed to get taken off the block by Erica last week, then avoided being nominated at all in the double, and also with Erica winning HOH yet again. That’s put her a couple spots up in the pecking order in my book.

Derek/Kaela 9-1: We’re pretty much waiting for the week when “Daela” is put on the block together. Who will stay and who will go if and when that happens? I’d say the odds are about 10-1 against them both making the final 4, and about even money that one of them will.

Paras 10-1: Not a whole lot to say here. Paras is a coaster to this point.

Ali 11-1: Not crazy about her gameplay at the moment. I get the feeling she’ll do some time on the block next week.

Olivia 11-1: Winning an HOH is huge no matter how you win it because it gives people a chance to see what you do with power. It’s not what you have to do to win it, it’s what you do with it when you get it.

Ryan 15-1: Looks like he’ll slide by once again. I’m not ruling him out, but if he’s still in the game he’s the least likely winner. There’s no one in the house that has much interest in working with him. This makes him less of a target and could keep him around awhile, but I don’t see an end game for him.

Merron 20-1: I was rooting for him, but it looks as though it’ll come to an end tonight.

Predictions: I believe we’re looking at a 5-3 vote to evict Merron. Erica has made it clear she won’t hold it against anyone that doesn’t vote in the majority which I think is good. I think we’ll have a first time HOH… my pick for that will be Derek.

Ok that’s it for now, enjoy the show!!

MattD (@MattD34 on twitter)

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