Big Brother Canada: Live Feed Update: He said, She said drama rocks the house


Did she or didn’t she? That is the question everyone is asking themselves in the Big Brother house.

Ryan insists that Alejandra spoke ill of Paras.

Alejandra insists that Ryan is full of manure.

Making a pact with Paras yesterday, Ryan agreed to tell her anything negative anyone said about her. Ryan told Paras that when he was in the backyard today, he heard Alejandra say: “I don’t trust that bitch.” That “bitch” being Paras. Ryan expected the information to stay with Paras but she confronted Alejandra. That ignited a war of words.

“I am just curious about what you think you heard at the pool table,” said Alejandra facing off with Ryan.

“I didn’t think I HEARD anything,” Ryan replied.

“What did you hear?” said Alejandra.

“You said…I don’t trust that bitch,” said Ryan.

“About who? When was this? At what time?” asked Alejandra firing question after question at Ryan.

“Earlier today, I saw the door closing, which means someone just came by…,” Ryan began but was cut off.

“Somebody? So it wasn’t Maddy or Paras? It could have been anybody,” deduced Alejandra.

“I don’t think you are going to call a man in the house a bitch,” Ryan speculated.

“Actually, I would,” she said.

“Not in that context, I don’t think you are going to call a man in the house a bitch and I know that Daela wasn’t outside so it was someone who just went outside. By process of elimination it is one of the three women in this room and Erica was in her room with Johnny,” said Ryan.

“Well, that is your theory Ryan and it is lovely but guaranteed those words were not uttered out of my mouth today especially when we were not talking any game whatsoever and we were playing a game of f—–g pool!” yelled Alejandra swearing on her mother’s life that she never said those words.

“Okay,” said Ryan meekly.

Ryan told Alejandra he could hear what she and Olivia were talking about at the pool table because sound travels in the backyard, something that everyone knows. Alejandra said that Olivia doesn’t recall her saying that either.

“I don’t know what to tell you. I heard what I heard,” Ryan sighed.

“Well, I didn’t say it, Ryan! If I did, I wouldn’t have a problem admitting it!” fumed Alejandra.

“In the last 24 hours, I know you have tried to get me out the door,” Ryan said.

“After that sincere conversation in the HoH, I was leaning towards you. We played pool last night and you asked me how I was feeling. I said better because my heart wants to f—–g believe you! After this little f—–g thing you can f—–g forget it!” she screamed.

Once the confrontation ended, Ryan insisted to Paras that he is telling the truth about what happened. When he left the room, Paras said to the cameras: “Ryan, I screwed up but I am going to save your ass.”

Neither Ryan nor Alejandra’s story can be verified as the live feed cameras where not on the pool table at the time of the disputed conversation.

This week, either Ryan or Merron will be voted out of the house.

Who do you believe? Ryan or Alejandra? Let us know in the comments below.

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