Big Brother Canada: Live Feed Update For April 4


Big Brother Canada: Live Feed Update For April 4

2:57 PM PT Ali is sad that Merron is leaving. Kaela agrees.

2:55 PM PT Kaela says that Merron will be in Jury but because they voted for Ryan to leave then Merron will vote for one of them if they make it to the final.

2:51 PM PT Ali says Ryan has to go home next week.

2:50 PM PT Ali and Kaela in catacombs. Ali tells Kaela she is going to vote Ryan out. Kaela said she will too. Ali said she thinks that it will just be the two of them and Derek voting Ryan out, but she is going to stand her ground

2:48 PM PT Erica is telling Johnny that she hates this 6 thing. It is not real. Nobody trusts each other. No one from the 6 is ever going to consider using the veto on any of the other people. it is all fake. Everyone is just looking for protection. It is so irritating.

2:03 PM PT Olivia asks who she would put up. She says Ryan & Will if she is going to attack up front. Will will be a pawn. If I don’t attack from the front and it a backdoor it will be Maddy & Will and if noms stay the same Maddy goes home. She says she needs Ryan out.

2:00 PM PT In red room we have Olivia & Ali talking. Ali says she thinks that is best for her to go for this HOH because she doesn’t trust that others wouldn’t focus on Ryan and would put up Derek & Kaela.

1:52 PM PT Johnny says he doesn’t trust anyone in this game

1:51 PM PT Kaela says she knows that in the triple that her and Derek will the targets.

1:50 PM PT Johnny is in HOH room with Kaela. He is trying to convince her that it is better for her game to keep Ryan in this week. She is having no part of it. She says that she cannot stand Ryan at all and gives examples of what she doesn’t like about him.

1:22 PM PT They are discussing who would send who home and are talking about the triple

1:17 PM PT Saying Liv can vote anyway she wants because Erica doesn’t have a problem breaking the tie

1:16 PM PT Liv leave and they discuss the vote. They want to keep Ryan. Erica doesn’t want anyone to be on the wrong side of the vote because she thinks they will be f***ed

1:15 PM PT Maddy walks in and they start talking about serial killers again and BB tells them to remember that Canada is watching.

1:13 PM PT Olivia thinks she is in danger regardless. Erica thinks the vote will be a tie

1:12 PM PT Ali, Johnny, Erica, Will, Paras and Liv in white room talking about if there is a triple and how Merron is bad at comps

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