Big Brother Canada: Live Feed Update: Nominee working all the angles


One of this week’s nominees is working overtime in the Big Brother house.

Since Power of Veto winner Johnny did not use it to save Ryan or Merron, Ryan has been trying desperately to consolidate votes to stay.

“Ryan has the option to completely f—k up my game if I have this conversation with you so don’t ideally,” said Maddy to Ryan in one of the bedrooms before the Veto Ceremony.

“I pitched you one Day Four. I have waited 26 days to have an option to really show trust,” said Ryan trying to calm any worries Maddy might have.

“Right now, things are decent,” started Maddy.

“…but not locked down?” asked Ryan.

“The word blindside has been said,” Maddy reported talking about them possibly targeting Daela. “As of yesterday, it was a thing.”

“As of yesterday, it was happening?” asked Ryan.

Maddy answered in the affirmative.

Looking at the situation, Ryan commented that Erica needed to be on-board if they only have four votes for him to stay.

“If this is to work, I think you need to vocalize to certain people that you are going after Daela. I know it sucks but it is also that and Erica breaks the tie and you leave,” advised Maddy saying Erica is working closely with Alejandra, Olivia and Johnny. She told Ryan that Johnny isn’t using the Veto on him in any case.

“Cards on the table, here is my problem. Daela has told me directly that there is no way they are sending me out because they believe I am going after Alejandra and Olivia,” said Ryan.

“The only way anyone is seeing the light in this situation, you have to focus your attention on Daela. You need to follow Johnny around all day and say you want to take Daela out if you stay,” warned Maddy.

After the Veto Ceremony, Ryan spoke to Johnny as he was searching for the mythical Secret Veto in one of the bedrooms.

Ryan explained that he is worried about forcing Erica to pick a side.

“I do feel though that in that situation it would be best for you to make it known that you are after Daela than Alejandra and Olivia. I think that will be your saving grace with them,” instructed Johnny as he search and searched.

Ryan wondered if he needed to tell a specific person that.

“No, word travels in this house,” said Johnny.

When Ryan commented on his uneasiness, Johnny explained it was because of lack of trust in people.

Next, Ryan spoke to Will insisting that if he, Maddy, Paras and Johnny vote for him to stay, Erica would break the tie in his favour.

“Erica has told me that Merron has been talking about targeting her and she isn’t going to keep him in the game no matter what,” said Ryan to Will.

“Why wouldn’t he? She put him on the block twice?” answered Will.

Ryan advised Will to tell Paras that Erica agreed to keep him in the case of a tie vote.

In the storage room, Erica promised Ryan that if the vote is tied she is indeed voting to keep him over Merron and if Ryan sends anyone to her, she will tell them that, confidentially of course.

“It is all on you now,” Erica told Ryan.

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