Big Brother Canada: Live Feed Update for April 2, 2018


Big Brother Canada: Live Feed Update for April 2, 2018

11:39 AM ET Ryan says I only told you and Maddy because I think you both have my best interest in this game

11:38 AM ET Ryan is telling Johnny about the vines up the wall. He asks who else has he told. Ryan says just him and Maddy. Ryan says he is sure there was something there and that someone has it. He is sure that someone in this house still has it and hasn’t used it.

11:28 AM ET Maddy goes to leave and asks him what is he going to do today. Ryan says he needs to talk to Johnny and say Daela. Maddy says she doesn’t want him to leave this week. Maddy leaves and he turns to camera and says “we’ll see”

11:25 AM ET Ryan points out that the vines painted on the floor only go up onto the wall in one place and it is in the white room and that there appears to be a hole behind the rose. They both now think that there was a veto there and that someone must have the secret veto

11:22 AM ET Ryan just asked Maddy if she had a secret veto. She says no.

11:15 AM ET Maddy is telling Ryan that he needs to change his focus to getting Daela out to be able to survive this week.

10:57 AM ET Olivia comes in and game talk breaks up

10:57 AM ET Will tells Erica that he thinks Ryan is coming after Derek and Kaela not Ali and Olivia. Erica says she needs to talk to Ryan.

10:55 AM ET Will is in HOH room telling Erica that they need to get Merron out this week. He told her that Merron said if he stays that he is going to put up Erica if he wins HOH.

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