Big Brother Canada: Live Feed Update #2 for April 1


Big Brother Canada: Live Feed Update #2 for April 1

3:14 PM PT Derek: “We don’t have to say anything. The entire punch line is Thursday.”

3:14 PM PT Derek/Kaela/Ali/Erica hi-5 about their new plan to target Ryan instead of Merron. Erica says: “Okay done. I gotta protect my peeps, yo.”

3:13 PM PT Kaela: “Will has control of Maddy and Paras 100%”

3:07 PM PT Erica: “I hate that every week, whoever the HoH wanted to go home went home. That’s boring as hell.”

3:04 PM PT Ali: “Ryan took himself off the block when his back has been on the wall. Merron has had his back against the wall for a few weeks now and can’t win.” Erica: “Maddy was BUSTING HER ASS when she was trying for the spool veto, and was still 20 yards behind hereven though she wasn’t trying to win the veto.”

3:03 PM PT Kaela suggests turning Merron onto their side for a week or two. Derek: “Absolutely, he’s totally moldable.” Erica mentions not knowing what Merron would do if he ever won HoH. They all agree that Ryan would for sure put their side up.

3:01 PM PT Ali mentions that Ryan told her his powers of persuation can get a jury to vote for him to win the game. Derek says he talks down to them. Erica says she doesn’t like it at all and that she hates people who are cocky.

3:00 PM PT Derek walks into the red room. Ali mentions that she doesn’t like that Ryan is acting so confident that he’s safe. Derek and Kaela agree.

2:56 PM PT Ali mentions that Ryan told her that he heard there was a F4 between Maddy/Will/Paras/Will. Kaela pipes in and says “Well, that’s not us. Which makes sense.” Erica: “Yeah, that’s everybody else.” Kaela: “Paras actually told me that. She was like ‘Did you hear I was in a F4? That’s not even true.’ So I didn’t even think anything of it.”
Erica: “He (Ryan) literally just pulls things out of his *****.”
Ali: “Is this like week 2 when he had HoH and my words got taken and twisted and saying I was coming after Daela?”

2:53 PM PT Ali to Erica (Kaela in room): “The original plan was to put up Maddy/Merron, but we didn’t want to ruffle any feather and it was too early. I didn’t expect the reaction that I got from him (Johnny), which made me think there was something there. But we need him so we didn’t make that move.” –

2:51 PM PT Kaela walks into the room as Ali talks about her how she doesn’t like Ryan and wants him out. Erica asks Kaela who she’d prefer to go, and Kaela also says Ryan. She stays in the room and is folding clothes while Ali makes her pitch to Erica about targetingRyan over Merron. Kaela pipes up and says that Ryan suggested Liv put up Daela, and that he mentioned that if he wins HoH he would put up Liv/Ali. -Shoreline74

2:50 PM PT Ali and Erica in the red room. Ali tells Erica that she’s been fortunate enough to find not one, but two people who have her back 100%. Erica feels the same but mentions that she’s worried about being the three in a duo. Ali says she’s been meaning to talk to Erica about that, and that her and Liv have never made a formal F2. Ali thinks it’s too early to do a F2 with anyone and that she sees Ali/Liv/Erica as a tripod and not a duo.

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