Big Brother Canada: HOH wants a floater out


For the second time this season, Erica has become HoH.

That makes four competition wins in total for the server from Pickering.

On the live feeds, Erica chatted with Paras about who to nominate.

“Where is your head at for the week?” Erica asked Paras.

Paras said Erica should think about the people she won’t ever align with. Erica explained she is trying to remain on friendly terms with everyone and is trying her best to get over Hamza being evicted.

“I guess you and I are good?” Paras inquired hesitantly.

“No, you are on the block for sure! Stop asking me that!” joked Erica.

“Like week’s noms, should you go with something safe like that?” said Paras.

“It is not even a safe thing. I want a floater out. That is all I want. I want a floater out because we have seen a lot of big targets and people who have been fighting hard to be here go home,” said Erica warning Paras to not jump to conclusions that she is talking about her, because she isn’t.

“We are working together. Let’s not forget that,” Erica reminded Paras.

“What are your options? Like, Ryan?” said Paras.

“The guy doesn’t want to go home first week of jury. Like on a human level, he did pull himself off the block. He was going home if he didn’t. I don’t know. I am not sure,” said Erica.

“Who else is left?” Paras asked.

“Outside of the six of us? There is Ryan, Merron, Maddy and Daela. That’s it. That’s all there is,” said Erica.

Paras wondered if they should take a shot at Daela.

“Oh god, no,” answered Erica.

“Then, that leaves you with three,” said Paras.

“If Daela goes, it is a house of floaters,” Erica surmised saying she thinks the balance is off in the house.

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