Big Brother Canada: BBCAN6 Recap For Thursday, March 29


Double Eviction tonight on Big Brother Canada but first lets recap what has happened this week.

On Monday night we saw Erica pull out her first HOH win. She nominated Merron and Maddy for eviction with Maddy being the target. On the Wednesday night’s show Erica continued her winning streak by winning the Power of Veto competition.

With other houseguests in her ear and Erica wanting get to make a big move she decided to use the Veto on Maddy and put up Veronica in her place.

We start the show with Arisa welcoming us to Double Eviction Night and sends us right to a clip of what happened right after the POV ceremony. Most houseguests are shocked that Erica was backdooring Veronica. Erica had only told Olivia, Ali and Derek and Kaela that she was going to backdoor Veronica.

We see Olivia and Ali celebrating that they got Erica to do all the work. Hamza and Erica stroked and puffed up each other’s egos in HOH. Veronica campaigns hard to Paras, Johnny and Will that she will fight like heck to stay in the game.

Cassandra returns to house to host a L’Oreal task where the boys have to do a bad makeover on the girls. Erica sits out because she’s the HOH.

Johnny and Veronica win the contest. They win each $1000 prize, products and a dinner date together.

Hamza wants to stir up trouble so he pushes Veronica to call a house meeting and she gets everyone gathered in the living room.

Veronica calls out everyone in the house saying they are all fake. She wants everyone to make their vote for themselves, she is tired of everyone just following the house. She wants them to pick a side.

Time for the eviction

Merron and Veronica make final speeches to the houseguests.

Time to vote

Kaela votes to evict Veronica
Derek votes to evict Veronica
Olivia votes to evict Veronica
Alejandra votes to evict Veronica
Johnny votes to evict Veronica
Will votes to evict Merron
Maddy votes to evict Veronica
Paras votes to evict Veronica
Hamaz votes to evict Veronica
Ryan votes to evict Veronica

By a vote of 9-1 Veronica has been evicted from the Big Brother House.

Arisa speaks to Veronica for a moment.

Arisa informs the houseguests that its a double eviction night.

Double Eviction time


Question/Anwsers with 1,2,3

Olivia vs Ali – Ali out
Ryan vs Merron – Merron out
Liv vs Maddy – Maddy out
Hamza vs Paras – Hamza
Johhnny vs Ryan – Johnny out
Liv vs Paras – Paras out
Ryan vs Kaela – Kaela out
Liv vs Derek – Derek out
Ryan vs Will – Will out
Ryan v Liv – Ryan out
Olivia wins the HOH competition
Olivia wants to nominate Maddy and Merron. Ali and Erica agree

Johnny gets her alone tells her Maddy won’t go home if she is up, so Olivia changes to Merron and Ryan with Hamza as a possible replacement. Johnny is good with that.


Ryan and Merron

Power of Veto

Playing are….Olivia, Ryan, Merron, Ali, Paras, Hamza

Ryan wins the Power of Veto competition

Ryan uses the POV on himself Olivia replaces him with Hamza

Merron and Hamza are up for Eviction

Time to vote and 2nd eviction

Kaela votes to evict Hamza
Derek votes to evict Hamza
Alejandra votes to evict Hamza
Johnny votes to evict Hamza
Will votes to evict Hamza
Maddy votes to evict Hamza
Paras votes to evict Hamza
Ryan votes to evict Hamza
Erica votes to evict Merron

By a vote of 8-1 Hamza has been evicted from the Big Brother Canada House.

Hamza speaks to Arisa for a moment. He would like either Merron or Erica to win.

Turn in Monday night at 9PM est to find out which houseguest will win the HOH competition and find out who will be nominate.

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