Big Brother Canada: Recap For Thursday, March 28


We start this episode with a recap.

Erica wins the HOH competition and nominated Merron and Maddy for eviction. The house is also freaked out over Veronica’s hinky vote that she claims she didn’t do. But everyone is pretty sure it was her that did it.

Tonight we will see the Power of Veto competition. Who will win the Veto and could it save either Maddy or Merron from eviction with Maddy being the target. However, Erica could very well have a backdoor plan in mind seeing how Veronica could be her biggest threat further in the game.

It will all come down to what happened in the Veto competition.

We join the houseguests at the conclusion of the nomination ceremony.

Erica has nominated Maddy and Merron because she has not made a game connection with either of them.

Power of Veto competition called Fisherman’s Barf

Playing are…

Erica, Maddy, Merron, Ali, Olivia, Ryan

Host Will

This is a huge Veto competition setup. There are 2 different stages to the competition.

First round they have to unroll themselves from a set of poles once free they must ring their bell.

First 3 to finish will move on to the next stage.

Olivia is finished first.

Erica 2nd

It comes down to Ali and Maddy…Maddy makes to her bell first and moves on.

Ryan, Ali and Merron are out.

2nd round

They have to maneuver a spinning wheel, with their bodies to pull up a fish. The first to get their fish wins the Power of Veto.

Erica wins the Power of Veto. Erica didn’t want to win she really wish Olivia or Maddy had won. So she doesn’t want to look like a comp. beast.

Erica invites Will for a Wendy’s meal in the HOH.

Ali and Olivia plot to get Erica to use the Veto on Maddy and get her to backdoor Veronica. They pretend to talk game with Veronica to get her to say something they can use to Erica to get her to put Veronica up.

Erica has many meetings with other houseguests who push her to make a big move. She wants to make a big move but she also doesn’t want to miss because this could put her in danger with the possibility of a double eviction this Thursday.

(The houseguests have been speculating that a double eviction is this week. Which it is.)

Veto Ceremony

Erica uses the Veto on Maddy and puts up Veronica.

Tune in Thursday night at 8pm est to find out which Gate Crasher will be evicted Merron or Veronica.

Also Thursday’s show will be a Double Eviction a whole week in 1 hour.

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