Big Brother Canada: Opinions, Odds, and Predictions for March 29


by MattD

Hello once again everybody, and happy double eviction day!!! It’s the first day of baseball season, and it’s a double eviction night in the Big Brother Canada house, what could possibly be better? Veronica is leaving in the first eviction tonight unless something changes drastically, and as always any number of people could be going in the second one. There is plenty to discuss, so let’s get to it. Here are my thoughts:

I didn’t even bother watching the live show last week: I was in Chicago last Thursday, and I was able to watch the live feeds during the day, and I saw live Jesse’s last gasp plea to stay in the house. I knew he was going, and before I could watch it again I knew that he did get evicted and Erica was the new HOH. But the thing is, what was the point? I knew it wouldn’t be until the next episode until they actually showed the HOH comp, even if it was going to be a question and answer thing which it was. I know the “TV-only’s” might not have figured out who was going, and for them there’s that drama, but what about us? I’m not knocking the ones that just watch the show (they’re the ones that make or break the ratings), but outside of double evictions, very seldom do we not know who is being evicted before the live voting begins. So if the HOH isn’t going to play out on the live show, what else is there? I understand every so often you’re going to have endurance comps and what not, but there’s no excuse for a question and answer comp not to entirely play out on the live show.

Hearing a lot of complaints about the feeds: I always give the feeds an “A+” at the end of the season for Canada because it’s free, but I’ve been hearing the feeds have been down for several hours at a time for no apparent reason and no explanation given. I kind of understand why they don’t show us comps on the feeds, but I never understood why they can’t abide by a schedule. Announce that the POV comp is at 3:00 or whatever, so people can at least make plans. As far as this season, it’s the diehards that made the effort to get them to bring the show back. If I was production, I sure wouldn’t be messing with the feeds anymore than possible.

My Open Call: Instead of a weekend morning/afternoon, this year the Open Call in Chicago was on a Thursday Night. The last few years I’ve been showing up about a half hour after the scheduled time. So it was from 6-9, I came at about 6:30 (all you have to do is be in line by 9), and it took until probably 10:45 by the time I went in for the audition. The line was around the block, so I was outside for about 2 hours, then the lady that hands out the paperwork said something about a few tables being available, so I snuck in and a few of us grabbed one, and hung out for another couple of hours. Once I got inside it was a great time as always. There were 10 of us in a group instead of the usual 6. A lot of people ended up leaving. I’ll do it again at some point, I doubt I’ll do it next year. I’d recommend it to anyone, but other things to do for entertainment, and I’m ready to take a break from it. When I went for the first time I didn’t have any illusions I’d have much amusement, but it has indeed been entertaining. I’ve met some really interesting people, usually a couple from every year I still keep in touch with sometimes. They don’t call many of us back, but one (Helen) did indeed make it. Ramses was at the one I was at last year, but I didn’t meet him until the cast party. It’s been a good experience for me, and it’s gotten me to Chicago every year by giving me a time and place where I have to be. I could always change my mind but next year anyway I probably won’t do it.

Odds: These are still kind of boring, still too many people in the game, and I still haven’t really eliminated anyone from having a chance. Often by now, I’ve eliminated people from having a realistic chance at winning but so far I haven’t done that.

Johnny 8-1
Erica 8-1
Will 9-1
Derek 10-1
Merron 10-1
Paras 11-1
Maddy 11-1
Hamza 12-1
Kaela 12-1
Ali 13-1
Olivia 13-1
Ryan 15-1
Veronica 100-1

Johnny 8-1: Not ready to name him as *the * favorite, but he seems to be playing the game at the right pace so to speak. Strong enough to win comps, but not so strong to get targeted. Gets along with everyone well.

Erica 8-1: If she makes it to the end people will respect her game, and she’ll have a good chance to win. She made a big enough move this week I thought, she thinks things through very well. Makes calculated decisions . She could very well be a back-door target before long.

Will 9-1: He seems to me like he’s doing well. I want to see him win a comp, and see how he handles the power.

Derek 10-1: Probably good for him in the long run that Jesse is out. Would have made him a bigger target in my opinion.

Merron 10-1: He’s about as likeable as anyone in the house, he should be ok for the first eviction tonight. Veronica’s a dead duck.

Paras 11-1: She’s in enough alliances, and doesn’t strike me as someone that’ll be targeted.

Maddy 11-1: She can thank Veronica for idiotically casting the hinky vote,then obviously lying about it. She would have been targeted.

Hamza 12-1: He’s all about making big moves, he volunteered to be on the block and all that. I think he’s overdoing it, and my guess is it will come back to haunt him.

Kaela 12-1 : She knows the game inside and out, but it’s more likely than not she’ll be on the block with Derek at some point fairly soon. The rest of them might decide she’s the bigger threat.

Ali 13-1: She’s one of those people that could go a long ways without having much chance of winning.

Olivia 13-1: Pretty much the same situation as Ali as I currently see it.

Ryan 15-1: Veronica didn’t fool very many people with her hinky vote, but she did fool our self-proclaimed genius.

Veronica 100-1: I honestly don’t remember anyone being helped by casting a hinky vote. Almost always the rest of them figure out who the person was, and that person almost always gets in some trouble because of it. They don’t always get evicted right away, but there’s no advantage. She bragged about how she “shook up the house” and all that. Well now she can watch from the comfort of her own home.

Predictions : They don’t want a 10-0 vote, so I’ll say 9-1 with Will dissenting. Any number of things could happen with the 2nd eviction. If Hamza wins HOH, it’s anybody’s guess what he might do for instance. My gut feeling is there won’t be a huge move made, I think Ryan will be the 2nd person out tonight. I’ll say the next HOH after that will be an endurance and will be won by Erica, if she wants to win it.

OK that’s all for now, enjoy the double eviction!!!

MattD (@MattD34 on twitter)

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