Big Brother Canada: Live feed update: Nominee takes on the house


Tired of all the lies and deceit in the Big Brother house, one of this week’s nominees confronted the entire house in a special meeting.

A frustrated and angry Veronica, nominated in a backdoor move by HoH and Veto winner Erica, decided to call a house meeting and give everyone a piece of her mind.

During her almost 20 minute rant Veronica was only interrupted once and that was by Paras.

“First of all, I want to say this is super last minute. I probably decided in the last ten minutes that I had to do this. It is not something I wanted to do but clearly I have nothing to lose right now and it has come to this in the game for me,” said Veronica starting the meeting once everyone was seated.

Veronica admitted she is angry and upset at everything that has transpired since she was nominated.

“There are a lot of people being fake to me in this house and there are a lot of people who are telling me things that I want to hear. If I am going to be spending my last two days in here, I want to enjoy it with the people that I like in the house,” she said.

She promised the other houseguests she won’t take things personally if they vote her out. She just questions their loyalty.

“I know you are coming into a room and telling me one thing and then going into another room and telling someone something else. Word travels fast in this house. There are people in this house who have my back, people you would never suspect have my back,” she said.

“We are in f—–g Big Brother! When are you going to draw the line? When one of you are up on the block next week? Draw the f——g line in the sand! Take a chance on me!” she yelled.

Veronica begged those who said they would support her to prove it and do so. Speaking for Erica, Veronica asked everyone to vote for whomever they wanted to and that as HoH Erica doesn’t want a bunch of sheep.

Veronica admitted she made a lot of mistakes last week and that has forced her allies to question her trust. When she surrendered the HoH to Hamza, Veronica told everyone the plan was to get Olivia out. Because of that, she promised Jesse he was safe. When the plan changed she was forced to tell Jesse that he wasn’t safe after all and people were flipping.

“I don’t understand why I am being looked at as flippy! Everyone in the house was flipping all week!” she shouted.

“What I learned that week is I will never look at one of you and tell you that you are 100 percent safe because my mind can change in seconds and it has,” she continued.

Veronica also claimed it was unfair others were asking her who she would nominate if she stays and wins HoH.


“Do you know who YOU would nominate? I bet the f—k not!” she said flatly.

Veronica denied she was the vote for Jesse to stay. Since he didn’t include her in his last minute meetings she felt no obligation to throw a vote his way.

What the houseguests don’t know is Veronica did indeed cast that lone vote.

“I will never ever blindside someone, make them feel they are safe and then put them on the f——g block. I decided the type of player I want to be in this game and that isn’t a s—-y person,” Veronica declared.

She accused the house of being too scared to play or take a stand.

“At the end of the day, I will have to choose a side. I am not scared to do so. Are you guys? Because you guys are scared in this house,” she concluded.

“The worst position is the one I am in right now because I guarantee I wouldn’t feel the way I do if I had gotten to play in the Veto. I have to depend on you guys. My life is in your hands. Evict me if you think I am a threat. Evict me if you truly think I am a liar but don’t evict me over some stupid f—–g rogue vote that really doesn’t matter in the first place! It really doesn’t matter! Let it the f—k go!” she yelled from her seat.

She asked everyone to give her the chance to prove they can trust her.

Paras interrupted telling Veronica she has been cagey with her for a good reason.

“I don’t want to look you in the eye and say…Veronica, I am 100 percent going to have your back and then the next day when you think you are sitting pretty, be a complete a-hole and tell you I am blindsiding you,” she explained.

When the meeting was over, Will clapped for Veronica.

What Veronica doesn’t know is that Will, one of her closest allies, has been conspiring against her all day. Before the meeting, Will met with Merron telling him he was voting to keep him over Veronica and wanted to work with him going forward.

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