Big Brother Canada: Live Feed Update for March 28, 2018


Big Brother Canada: Live Feed Update for March 27, 2018

11:51 PM PT Erica to Maddy: “If it comes down to me, I’d be the tie breaker to send Veronica home.” Maddy: “Exactly, that’s a no brainer.” –

11:49 PM PT Maddy to Erica: “People think that agreeing on a vote means you can work together. No! I’m still deciding is still an answer. Asking me what I want to do is a cop out.” Erica agrees.

11:44 PM PT Erica: “If V stays, I don’t think she’s going after me at all. This is not about an immediate threat. This is about a long time distrust. I trust 50% of the things that come out her mouth. I want to have at least 70-80% believe in what comes out of your mouth”

11:42 PM PT Erica to Maddy: “I’d rather see the vote not unanimous because it shows me where people lie.”

11:41 PM PT Erica thought the worst part of the house meeting was that Veronica said “This wasn’t planned, I just thought of this in the last ten minutes” because it shows she doesn’t think things through.

11:40 PM PT Erica is in the HoH room with Maddy. She tells Maddy that anyone who named Veronica to go, then votes for her to stay is going to be someone she disassociates with because they could easily do that to her. Maddy agrees.

11:35 PM PT Will takes his last puff of a cigarette in front of Johnny. He has run out.

4:45 PM PT Kaela says her favorite BBUS Players are Derrick and Dan (Erica’s is also Derrick). Her favorite BBCAN Player is Kevin. Both say they would love to compete in a BB North America season (BBUS + BBCAN)

9:40 PM PT Erica to Will and Paras: “If the vote goes 5-5, that’s it for unity in this house. That’s war. That’s literally blatant where the divide is and that’s going to be HELL for us all to live.”

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