Big Brother Canada: Recap for March 26, 2018


We start tonight’s episode with a recap. Hamza won the HOH and nominated Jesse and Olivia for eviction. Hamza also won the Power of Veto and did not use it. Jesse tried hard to save himself but his last minute didn’t work and he was evicted from the Big Brother Canada house by a vote of 9-2.

It was supposed to be a vote of 10-1 with Derek voting for his bro. The wonky vote came from Veronica.

Before the HOH competition everyone is concerned about the rogue vote. Veronica leads the charge to find out who the vote. She tells us in the DR that she wanted to shake up the house and it has worked now she need the HOH to protect herself.

HOH competition

Questions A/B are based on the Big Brother Canada Museum. 24hours before the HOH competition the house guest had 5 minutes to study 3 iconic scenes for past season they included Ika shredding letters, Sabrina and her “good TV” freak out and Kevin winning the triple eviction Veto.

Round 1 Everyone is correct
Round 2 Will and Merron are out.
Round 3 Everyone is correct
Round 4 Kaela, Olivia, Johnny, Veronica, Ryan are out
Round 5 In DR Paras tells us she feels safe and doesn’t need to win…so she answer wrong and is out.
Round 6 Everyone is is in correct
Round 7 Maddy is out

On to a tie breaker with Derek, Erica and Ali

Question was how many pieces of fruit were moved in last HOH competition.

Derek answers 450
Ali answers 243
Erica answers 150

The correct answer is 206 so….

Erica becomes the new HOH.

Everyone is nervous because they don’t know where Erica stands.

Houseguests are still concerned over the vote but they are on to it Veronica.

They are not so much upset that she did it but its the fact that she was lied about it.

Ryan and Kaela have a little tiff about the vote Ryan believes Kaela voted with Derek.

Also a fight broke out Paras and Will blaming Paras for the rogue vote.

Paras freaks out because she had been nothing but loyal to Will and he is blaming her for the vote.

Erica gets her HOH room and video from her girlfriend Shay.

Erica doesn’t know where Maddy stands and they have never talked game so she is thinking of taking her out this week. She also hasn’t made connections with a Merron and believes he would make a good pawn.

Erica and Hamaz have a one on one Erica floats the idea of back dooring Veronica she just doesn’t think she can trust her in the game. Hamza tells her that it’s a big move just make sure you get her out.

Erica wants to make the move but she is scared that if she misses then she would become Veronica’s number one target.

Time for Nominations Erica enters the throne room.

She nominated Maddy and Merron for eviction.

Tune in Wednesday at 7PM to find out who will win the Veto and if it will be used saved to either Maddy or Merron.

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