Big Brother Canada: Live Feed Update for March 27, 2018


Big Brother Canada: Live Feed Update for March 27, 2018

This update is basically from yesterday.

9:40 PM ET Erica to Will and Paras: “If the vote goes 5-5, that’s it for unity in this house. That’s war. That’s literally blatant where the divide is and that’s going to be HELL for us all to live.”

9:31 PM ET Will: “If I had the chance to win HoH and win the veto I would backdoor Erica in a heart beat.” Paras: “Oh yeah, you’d have the votes.” –

9:27 PM ET Will to Paras: “Would it be good for me to get rid of V for my game?” Paras:” It’s the same case as Jesse for me last week. He was a number for me, he was someone I had control over., but getting rid of him did get the target off my back.”

9:26 PM ET Paras to Will: “What scares me is that her last plea will be to go to the other side and start telling them she has been working with Will, Maddy, Paras and the white room.”

9:25 PM ET Will to Paras: “I trust you so much more than her (Veronica).”

9:23 PM ET Paras to Will: “I’m going to tell you something to build trust. And if you tell V this will get back to me. Someone that I trust in this house said that when they asked V who she would put up if she won next week she said Ryan and a pawn. Then I asked what doyou mean by a pawn? And she said Paras or Maddy. That doesn’t sit well with me. And that’s someone who I trust in this house who said that” Will: “Is it Liv Or Ali Or Hamz?” Paras: “No. Stop saying names! I take it with a grain of salt. I’m not going to assume that it’s true, but Veronica lies a lot. I catch her in her lies a lot. That vote was Veronica.” Will: “It was. I know it was.”

9:07 PM ET Erica: “I don’t think Daela feels very comfortable in this 6 (Erica/Johnny/Liv/Ali) or but even less so in that 5 (5’s company).”

9:06 PM ET Erica: “We need to get Paras and Maddy for sure in case Daela flips and votes out Merron.”

9:05 PM ET Erica in the red room telling Liv, Johnny and Ali about Hamza telling her about 5c. Even talking about how they had plans to say 5c after casting a vote for eviction. She says she will take it with a grain of salt because everyone lies to you in your HoH. Erica also mentions that Hamza told her that Paras and Maddy will do anything for Will and would never vote him out. “So you don’t actually know anything about anything…”

8:59 PM ET Erica: “I’d rather be a player like Cody and get the big target out, than be a player like ***** Christmas.”

8:54 PM ET Hamza: “You made a great move today.” Erica: “Yeah and I’m proud of it.” Hamza: “Liv and Ali, that’s 2. Me, that’s 3. All you need is 2 more. and you could be the tie breaker.” Erica: “I think I can get 2 votes.”

8:52 PM ET Hamza spilled the beans about 5’s company to Erica. He told her that he told them he wanted Erica and Merron to be part of it, but they said that they can be our 6 and 7.

8:49 PM ET Hamza to Erica: “Maddy and Paras are so loyal to Will because they owe him a lot in this ***** game. They’re very loyal to him. Especially when Maddy was on the block Will told her that he would give her his vote over Merron.”

8:47 PM ET Hamza to Erica: “And I also wanted to let you know. Another thing happened in the HoH last week. Another alliance was formed and Johnny was part of it. Johnny, Will, Veronica. Keep an open mind. I’m going to keep filling you in.”

8:46 PM ET Hamza tells Erica that if he wins HoH he’s putting up the showmance (Daela)

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