Big Brother Canada: Live Feed Updates For March 26


Big Brother Canada: Live Feed Updates For March 26

1:46 AM ET Erica to Merron: “You will probably still be up on that block. But regardless, I want you to come and talk to me after to go through everything.” She then asks Merron to send in Maddy.

1:45 AM ET Erica: “If I were to use the veto on you or Maddy, that person just needs to trust the process. And I know that sounds ***** because that’s what happened with Jesse. But, I’m smarter than Hamza.” Merron laughs.

1:44 AM ET Erica to Merron: “The way last week played out for Jesse was messed up. It was so ***** up. That’s not my style.”

1:40 AM ET Merron is giving his pitch to Erica for her to use the veto on him. Erica: “I don’t imagine myself using it (the veto). But an hour can change everything in this game. Take a breath and prepare for me not using it. I don’t want to give you false hope.”

1:38 AM ET Paras to Johnny: “I feel like in the past 10 days I’ve hit it off really well with Liv and Ali, who I’ve loved since day one.” Tells him that she really likes Erica as well and that taking out Daela would be a good way to prove herself to them.

1:31 AM ET Maddy to Veronica: “Player-wise, the most similar to me is Ryan in how we talk. Except people believe me because I don’t lie.”

1:28 AM ET Veronica to Maddy: “When I’m up on the ***** block, which will be a lot near the end of the game I’m sure, I want someone who can ***** win ***** comps and that’s Maddy.”

12:34 AM ET Maddy came into the red room to talk to Daela. As soon as she left, Derek says to Kaela: “I don’t trust her at all…” Kaela: “Yeah I know.”

12:32 AM ET Hamza to himself: “Merron is staying this week. No way he goes, not on my terms. It’s just not happening. Sorry. Caroline, I wish you were here to help me and carry me through this. This is so stupid. How can I make Erica use the veto on Merron?”

12:28 AM ET Maddy to Hamza: “You are the only person who can get her to make that move (Ryan as replacement)”

12:27 AM ET Hamza to Maddy: “Next week we’ll try to take a shot at the red room again, because they took a shot at us this week.. But I feel like our shot was better. Last week, I created that divide between us.”

12:24 AM ET Hamza to Maddy: “She (Erica) doesn’t want to be known as a comp threat. I want to be known as a comp threat. I want people to be scared to put me up just for me to take myself down from the block. They would have to back door me.”

9:55 PM ET Ali tells Johnny that when BB says “Goodnight houseguests” to come up to the HoH. She, Liv, and Erica need to tell him something. (The plan to BD Veronica)

4:23 PM ET In HOH room Erica told Olivia about her plan to use the veto on Maddy in order to put Veronica up. Erica said she is not telling them beforehand

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