Big Brother Canada: Live Feed Update #2 For March 26


Big Brother Canada: Live Feed Update #2 For March 26

3:48 PM ET Veronica: “I gave away my first HoH and didn’t play any vetos. Take a ***** chance on me Erica. I’m literally never going to be surprised if I get put on the block, but I will be surprised if you send me home. You were one of the people I was fighting for.”

3:47 PM ET Erica to Veronica: “I just didn’t know where I stood with you anymore, and I still don’t.”

3:45 PM ET Veronica tells Erica that she doesn’t want things to be weird between them and to not tip toe around each other. Erica agrees and tells Veronica she is sorry and to find her later to chat. Veronica still thinks it beneficial to keep her. Cries: “This isn’t us.You told me you didn’t want to make people feel like *****.” Erica: “The last thing I wanted to do was make you feel like a ***** person. It’s been hard seperating heart and head.” Veronica: “In the long run it would be a bad move for you to send me home. You were never on my radar, and if I stay you won’t be on my radar. I understand that I was an easy choice to put up.”

3:40 PM ET Kaela: “She (Veronica) looked like she wanted to cry but didn’t.”

3:40 PM ET Kaela to Derek: “That was a great ceremony. It’s going to look so good on TV. Were you acting shocked? I wasn’t looking at your face.” Derek: “Yeah.”

3:37 PM ET Derek: “I don’t even want to hear her pitch. I’m done” Ali frustrated that Veronica was blatantly ignoring her housemates when they told her to stop singing, or wouldn’t get up when BB has the morning alarm.

3:35 PM ET Veronica to Johnny: “All I need is 6 votes Johnny. Best case if I had you, Will, Paras and Maddy, I just need Daela and I’m good. Erica told me she didn’t want to make big moves. I know half her mickey is gone upstairs so she’s probably taking shots with peoppeople right now. She was one of the people I was going to fight for in this game and not she’s not who I thought she was.”

3:32 PM ET Confirmed: Erica took Maddy off the block and replaced her with Veronica. Veronica to Johnny: “Maddy might feel like she owes Erica because Erica took her off the block.” -Shoreline74

3:29 PM ET The entire house is on slop. Ali: “Rules are rules. We were warned, this is it.”

3:26 PM ET Sounds like Veronica is the replacement nominee. “There are people I’ve been involved with, and if they vote me out this week then you’re squashing that whole commitment..”

3:24 PM ET Veronica and Johnny are crying and embracing each other.

3:22 PM ET Feeds are back.

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