Big Brother Canada: I am not Defeated


This week’s HoH has made their nominations and that brought one house guest to tears.

HoH Erica put Merron and Maddy on the block. On the live feeds afterwards, Maddy was wiping away tears as other houseguests consoled her.

“Are you feeling better?” asked Hamza as he hugged Maddy in the kitchen.

“You know how I am,” she replied laughing.

“We know. It is tough,” he said.

“If you give a s—t about something sometimes you cry. That is all it is. I am not defeated or anything,” said Maddy.

“Oh, I know you are not,” Hamza agreed saying Maddy cannot forget that she has the Veto to fight for.

Maddy and Hamza settled on doing a run tomorrow to gear up for the competition to take advantage of Hamza’s skills as a coach.

In the bathroom, Alejandra and Johnny spoke about the noms.

“My biggest problem with Maddy is I feel I cannot trust her,” said Alejandra.

They agreed that keeping Merron keeps Hamza close to them too.

“If you campaign against Merron, you campaign against Hamza,” said Johnny.

In one of the bedrooms, Paras hugged both Merron and Maddy.

“It is okay. It is a game,” Merron said to Paras.

“We are playing Big Brother officially now!” proclaimed Maddy who guessed she would probably be crying over the nominations again later tonight.

“Keep your head up. We haven’t even played Veto,” said an optimistic Merron.

With Merron listening to the HoH mp3 player nearby Olivia and Alejandra discussed a secondary plan that has been floated of backdooring Veronica if Merron or Maddy win Veto.

“Veronica goes up. Veronica goes home and we tell Merron we can work together,” said Alejandra.

“I don’t see any situation where the noms stay the same,” guessed Olivia.

What the houseguests don’t know is this week is a double eviction week.

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