Big Brother Canada: Live Feed Update #1 For March 25


Big Brother Canada: Live Feed Update #1 For March 25

1:34 AM ET Veronica to Johnny: “Would you rather take out Daela over Ali/Olivia?” Johnny: “Yeah.” Veronica: “So we need to take out Daela. I think that Ali/Olivia would also take out Daela.”

1:32 AM ET Erica to Merron: “Hamza is your ride or die. He values you so much. That’s so rare in this game.”

1:23 AM ET Derrick: “If she had a secret power of veto, why would she be freaking the ***** out like this.”

1:20 AM ET Erica is worried that Veronica might have a secret power. Kaela doesn’t think she does because it would be ridiculous to come into the house late, be safe for a week, AND get a secret power.

1:16 AM ET Erica: “If you think I was trying to go for it, do you think I’d be trying to fix my ponytail every 5 minutes?”

1:15 AM ET Erica in the HoH with Daela. She says she should have tried harder to lose, but Maddy was so far behind.

12:03 AM ET Feeds back. Erica won POV.

12:03 AM ET Feeds are back & it sounds like Erica won the veto

10:29 PM ET Feeds down for 2 hours so far for POV comp.

5:11 PM ET Ryan to Maddy: “If I do win the veto and decide to use it, it will go to you and not Merron.” -Shoreline74

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