Big Brother Canada: Live Feed Update #3 for March 23


Here is some more updates for today.

9:56 PM ET Feeds are down for nominations

6:57 PM ET Erica to Ali: “I would never align with Hamz until the game becomes cut throat.”

6:21 PM ET Erica to Hamza: “If I get HG Choice (in veto pick), I’ll pick you.” Hamza: “REALLY?” Hamza hugs her.

6:18 PM ET Hamza in the HoH trying to convince Erica to put him up again. Erica keeps saying no.

6:06 PM ET Paras: “I’m not meant to look girly man. I don’t look like me.” Will: “You look hooootttt” Paras: “You think so?!”

6:02 PM ET Kaela to Derek: “We need people to take shots at those 3 solid, those 2 girls, Merron, and Johnny.”

5:14 PM ET Erica is suspicious that Veronica is the hinky vote because as soon as the vote was over, Veronica was very manic and was acting the same as the first night she walked in and lied about how her and Merron got into the house.

5:10 PM ET Erica: “I don’t like Maddy as a game player because she is a people pleaser. If you make everyone feels special, no one feels special.”

5:09 PM ET Erica says the veto will determine whether this week will be about trimming the fat, or a hell week.

5:08 PM ET Erica: “Hamza isn’t going up. Hamza wants to go up, it’s so annoying.”

5:08 PM ET Kaela and Erica talking about how fake they think Veronica is. She will be genuine and sincere with you, then as soon as you leave the room she will roll her eyes, laugh, and mock you. (She did this to Jesse)

4:54 PM ET Erica tells Kaela she can’t put Ryan up because he helped her study and brought up things she didn’t even remember/know about.

4:52 PM ET Will told Erica he threw the HoH. Then he started realizing that everyone will get to see their loved ones in their HoH video and he doesn’t want his son wondering why his dad can’t see him. Will got teary eyed, and that’s why Erica can’t take him out. Kaela and Erica both agree he is playing both sides and needs to pick one. He would be the ideal person to take out if they weren’t blinded by his heart.

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