Big Brother Canada: Live Feed Update #2 For March 24


Big Brother Canada: Live Feed Update #2 For March 24

2:49 PM PT Will just told Veronica and Paras that his vote was going for Maddy to stay if the noms stayed the same

12:58 PM PT Veronica to Merron- I think best case is you stay on the block. For everybody thatis in our alliance yes. I get why you wouldn’t want to stay on the block. Merron- If I don’t win I would rather it not be used at all. Veronica- Me, Hamz, Liv, Ali for sure would vote for you. I think Derek and Kaela would vote for you cause they like me, Will and Hamza. Merron- I will have to see who the replacement nominee is. If I win I’m going to have to see who it is she would put up. If it is someone I work with I won’t use it. Veronica- That’s a good idea.

11:47 AM PT Paras talking to camera…she is considering taking out Maddy this week because she says she can control Veronica and that Veronica would go before her if they were on the block together.


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